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Erdogan to Flood Europe as Revenge for Acknowledgement of Armenian Genocide

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 rbear    240

Dey waz kangs.

The Turk really has no standards when it comes to waging his Jihad.

Today, Sultan Erdogan kicked it up a notch. Due to Germany calling out the holocaust the Turks committed against the Armenians, the Turks have basically said that they will allow the piles of invaders to bury Europe in revenge for these feelings they feel.

Turkish president Erdogan has threatened to “leave” Europe to deal with its migrant crisis alone, saying that Germany “blackmailed” Ankara by recognizing the Armenian Genocide. He also called out the Germans over their “history” of mass killings.

Erdogan praised Turkish history as one “of mercy and compassion,” while blaming the West for exploiting millions of African immigrants for cheap labor.

“Under the elegant pavements of Berlin, Paris, Brussels are lives, blood, efforts and elbow greases of Africans,” he said. cont DS

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