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Ding, Dong – The Godfather Of Global Warming Is Dead!

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 Cinnamon    14,263

Paris, COP21 Climate Summit – One of the most dangerous men of the Twentieth Century has just died: and the weird thing is, hardly anyone noticed.

His name was Maurice Strong (picture above, on the right), Canadian billionaire, diplomat and UN apparatchik, and though you may not have heard of him, he probably did more to make your world a more expensive, inconvenient, overregulated, hectored, bullied, lied-to, sclerotic, undemocratic place than anyone post Hitler, Stalin and (his personal friend) Mao.

He’s the reason, for example, that most of the world’s leaders, 40,000 delegates and their attendant carbon mega-footprint descended here on Paris yesterday in order to talk about magical fairy dust for two weeks and then charge you $1.5 trillion (that’s per year, by the way) for the privilege.

He’s the reason that “climate change” is now so heavily embedded within our system of global governance that it is now almost literally impossible for any politician or anyone else whose career depends on the state to admit that’s it not a problem and to argue that there are more important issues in the world, like maybe the terrorism that killed over 130 innocent people just the other week now, where was it?- oh yeah, here in Paris where for some bizarre reason all the delegates are talking about carbon emissions instead…

He was the father of the mother of all climate summits: the one in Rio in 1992 that spawned a million and one ******* offspring, like the one in Paris now.

He was the main instigator of the blueprint for arguably the most sinister and insidious assault on liberty and free markets: Agenda 21.



Don't worry, there are plenty of criminals to carry on. 

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 Cryptic Mole    3,507

Oh, so you're saying the poor ******* couldn't take all his billions with him where he was goin? I suppose he could've certainly used some really costly air conditioning.  f*** Global Warming!

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 Malevolent    1,947
23 minutes ago, Quick1966 said:

Ok good start. Now Soros needs to check out!

Problem is the bugger has many offspring who are eager to continue his devil's work -  Alexander Soros, Jonathan Soros, Andrea Soros, Robert Soros, Gregory Soros

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 Jostler    2,210

Maurice Strong backed and funded Ted Turner's "rewilding" campaign so maybe Turner will grieve himself to death soon :)  if we're lucky......   Strong may well be one of the deepest "inside" names we've ever been allowed to lay eyes on.  Good riddance.

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