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Cascadia Rising Earthquake Drill June 7 2016

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Cascadia Rising Earthquake Drill Will Test Northwest Readiness For 'The Big One'

A massive, four-day earthquake drill starting June 7 2016 kicks off Tuesday in the Pacific Northwest .  The region is ripe for what officials say could be the biggest natural disaster the nation has ever seen . The exercise, called ‘Cascadia Rising,’ will test the readiness of responders at all levels of government .

The scenario is the worst case: a magnitude-9 earthquake due to a full rupture of the fault line beneath the shifting tectonic plates of the West Coast’s Cascadia Subduction Zone, which extends nearly 700 miles, from British Columbia to Northern California .  

“This could be five minutes of severe shaking out there on the coast,” said Scott Zaffram, a lead exercise planner with FEMA’s local Region 10 office .




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