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Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention

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 CSB    1,660

*Warning: The following video contains some foul language !

This woman got on camera and gave an epic anti-Hillary rant that is a must watch .

The woman said that Hillary “is one of the biggest traitors this country has ever” seen .

“You have spit in the face of the very foundation that you are standing on [you are] “a waste of your own existence,” the woman passionately said .

“ My country will not fall to the hands of your corrupt administration .”



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 Jostler    2,210

wow, clear eyes, sharp tongue and a gift for using it :)  I could wish for a bit less crude expression but then again, maybe the subject warrants it.  It certainly communicated an energetic edge that is justifiable.

You go girl :)

(only allowed 6 likes a day :/)

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