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Lavrov: Washington is Asking Russia to Stop Bombing Al-Nusra

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Washington has come out and openly asked Russia to stop bombing al-Nusra Front – the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, says Sergey Lavrov.

American ZOG is claiming that the reason they don’t want Al-Qaeda bombed is that they are also hitting CIA-backed “moderate terrorists.”

One is left wondering why CIA-backed “moderate terrorists” are living and fighting alongside the “radical terrorists” of Al-Qaeda. One is also left wondering what the difference between “moderate” and “radical” terrorists is, considering they are fighting along side one another as allies in a terrorist war against the elected, popular government of Syria. cont DS

ISIS In Peril: Syrian Forces Approaching Their Base

The world truly is full of wonders. We have animals who can see using sounds. We have moss that generates light. We have shrimps who can produce sonic booms. But most wondrous of all is the Moslem terrorist army backed by Jews.

But it seems our boys in ISIS are in a bit of hot water even their MOSSAD handlers can’t get them out of.

The Syrian army has crossed the boundary of Raqqa province, home to the de facto capital of Islamic State, after a major Russian-backed offensive against the militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

The offensive is the third big assault on the self-proclaimed caliphate in recent days after Iraqi forces attempted to storm a city and a Syrian militia advanced with U.S. support.

Right, a “Syrian militia”. Like pretty much all militias funded by the US, this one is probably on it’s way to join ISIS anyway.

The three big offensives are some of the most aggressive campaigns against Islamic State since it declared its aim to rule over all Muslims from parts of Iraq and Syria two years ago. cont DS

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