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Colored Folks at University Want English Class Canceled – Too Many White Males

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 rbear    240

Some Yale University students are demanding changes to the English Department curriculum: specifically, they don’t think it should feature so many English poets who were straight, white, wealthy, and male.

We, undergraduate students in the Yale English Department, write to urge the faculty to reevaluate the undergraduate curriculum. We ask the department to reconsider the current core requirements and the introductory courses for the major.

In particular, we oppose the continued existence of the Major English Poets sequence as the primary prerequisite for further study. It is unacceptable that a Yale student considering studying English literature might read only white male authors. A year spent around a seminar table where the literary contributions of women, people of color, and queer folk are absent actively harms all students, regardless of their identity. The Major English Poets sequences creates a culture that is especially hostile to students of color.


Math, all of the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), history, engineering – all of it is waaaaaay too White/male/straight/cis for the modern diverse university, where people need to be prepared for diverse environments.

We need to reduce university to nothing more than the following:

Rap music

Hip-hop dancing

Peanut butter

Pyramid building

These four groups of study should serve as the cornerstones of the modern educational paradigm, if we truly wish to move forward into the future.

cont DS

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