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Errors in the Human Condition

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Errors in the Human Condition

A cool read posted at Montalk May 26 2016

Not everyone can be fooled all the time, but enough can be fooled enough of the time to make democracy work against the people. The flaw is built into the system of democracy itself, giving the illusion of choice that placates voters while simultaneously herding them by appealing to their lowest common denominators. The latter happens through demagoguery and cultural programming via media, education, entertainment, and dialectics.

Parallels have been drawn between German fervor for Hitler as a strong masculine figure who would make Germany great again, and the modern RINO fervor for Trump as a strong masculine figure who would make America great again. Both of these show how easily a desperate nation can slide into fascism.

America is supposed to be a constitutional republic where people vote for those smarter, more dedicated, more experienced, and wiser than themselves to decide on the affairs of the nation. But due to political correctness and over-reliance on polling, the republic process has been short-circuited. Further, when politicians deviate from the will of the people, they typically do so when it serves special interests, thereby compounding the problem. Very few representatives selflessly do what’s best for the country and their constituents in the long-term. So the Republic has devolved into a mix of herd democracy and covert oligarchy, the latter controlling the first through cultural programming since they own the media, entertainment, and textbook companies.

So in effect we have a nation of fools and a government of maniacs. The beginning contains the end; flaws built into the system from the start, or added along the way, have propagated a chain of effects that lead toward certain inevitabilities, namely the eventual collapse of the system.

Read the whole post here : http://montalk.net/conspiracy/284/errors-in-the-human-condition

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