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Epic sightings

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 CSB    2,160

This is nuts !

This alleged trick, reportedly witnessed by thousands of people, involves an Indian fakir who throws a rope to the sky, but the rope does not fall back to the ground. Instead it mysteriously rises until the top of it disappears into thin air, the darkness, the mist, whatever. Now, that would be trick enough for most people, but this one allegedly goes on. A young boy climbs the unsupported rope, which miraculously supports him until he disappears into thin air, the mist, the darkness, whatever. That, too, would be trick enough for most of us, but this one continues. The fakir then pulls out a knife, sword, scimitar, whatever and climbs the rope until he, too, disappears into thin air, mist, darkness, whatever. Again, this would be a great trick even if it stopped here. But, no. It continues.

Body parts fall from the sky onto the ground, into a basket next to the base of the rope, whatever. Now, that's quite common in some neighborhoods and would not count as much of a trick. But the fakir allegedly then slides down the rope and empties the basket, throws a cloth over the scattered body parts, whatever, and the boy miraculously reappears with all his parts in the right places. That would be a great trick, especially since it must be done in the open without the use of engineers, technicians, electronics, satellite feeds, television cameras, whatever.

Actually, the only thing needed for this trick is human gullibility.

How is this possible ? Like life it's a illusion . 

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 Jostler    2,216

We've been protected from overt demonic manifestations in the West that are quite normal in other parts of the world.  Spiritual power exists even if our rational, enlightened mindsets can't quite believe it.

That will be changing, rapidly, from this  point on as natural manifestations of spiritual power become far more commonplace in the west.  The hedge that protected us from it is now destroyed.

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 RabidWolf    1,079

That rope sure does sway and bend like a pole in the ground with an outer sheath of rope... 

I'll point out a few things here:

Who was roaming around India with a film camera in the early 1900's? Most news agencies were still in print only, so that leaves Hollywood and other movie makers for the most part.

I'll bring your attention to the scene transitions. We see the guy throw the rope into the air in one part, and immediately following that, we see all the guys already looking up in the background, but the rope hasn't even risen yet. Then we see it "rise". However, what really happened is they were running the film in reverse. What you are seeing is when they removed the center rod from the rope casing and the rope falls back to the ground, just in reverse.

Also, you have to wonder why they sped up the film when the rope was rising into the air. Bulky old film cameras were not easy to whip-pan that fast, and if they did, they would most certainly have over panned, which does not happen in this film. Seriously, there is like 150 feet of rope lying there, how did the camera guy know it was going to stop at about 20 feet? 

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