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Mario Stalin

Obama has a RED WEDDING planned to slit your throat America. He told you so but you don’t see it. Please Prepare!

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saw this Obama has a RED WEDDING planned to slit your throat America. He told you so but you don’t see it. Please Prepare!

Obama clearly stated that he was going to have a Read Wedding during his joke performance at the White House Correspondence Dinner. We all saw his “fall of the Republic” silliness. We all saw him pretending to be the antichrist on Michael’s phone. Just jokes right??? 

But... some of you may have missed his Red Wedding “joke” though. If you don’t view the porn and hard core violence filled TV show called Game of Thrones then you missed Obama’s Red Wedding punch line. 

If you don’t know... on the show there was this wedding called the Red Wedding and it was a big shock to fans because a bunch of major characters are at a weeding and then the door is bared and all of them are violently killed/slaughtered. You can see lots of examples of fans shocked reactions on YouTube if you like to see how surprising it was just check out Red Wedding.

Anyway, Obama basically tells the Republicans in the audience they are dead and orders for the door to be bared and even calls on a judge so he can make the execution legal. He thinks its funny. Remember we are talking about having one entire group of people’s throats slit if you have seen the show. It’s psychopathic and sick.

This is a good video about it… 


This is like Red Dawn coming from a person who started his campaign for POTUS in a Weather Underground Communist terrorist's house. 

More evidence that Obama is not just going to go away. If you live in California I would not register your guns as you will need them. 

Obama is planning a Red Wedding for you. Wake up Sheep!


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