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White Liberal Won’t Take Wife and Baby Out of Ghetto After Sexual Assaults, Says She’s a “Racist”

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 rbear    240

A White liberal couple moved to a minority White ghetto to experience it. The woman was repeatedly sexually assaulted by neighbors. After begging to leave many times, she left with their six month old baby. Her partner screamed she was “racist” and demanded she came back.

“So both ‘Randy’ and I are college graduates. He has a masters in social work and I have a degree in communications. We both come from upper middle class families, him from the Boston area and me from Scottsdale” she wrote on Reddit.

“Since we had both lived such sheltered life” they decided to move to “one of the absolute worst sections of town in one of the worst cities in the country.”

“We have lived here for 18 months and we have seen and heard everything that is possible. Murders, robberies, bodies laying in the street, power outages, garbage not picked up for weeks at a time…basically any symptom of urban blight and we have experienced it.”

“I have been assaulted and groped twice while trying to get into our building and I actually feel fortunate that is the worst that has happened.”

“As much as I hate to say this, as two (now three) white people, we absolutely stand out…”

“Randy always promised me that we would move once he came because he knows how afraid I am to live here. I had essentially become a hermit that doesn’t leave our apartment which sucks and I feel like I’m losing my mind, especially with a six month old baby.”

“Every time I brought up moving he would tell me that he had a really important case that he was working and that if he left the neighborhood his ‘clients’ would lose faith in him and see him as another slum tourist just earning a check.“ cont DS

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