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Another Jewish Child Rapist Walks Free

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 rbear    240

Jewish child rape is a long-standing tradition. The Jewish Tanakh and Talmud, of course, assertthat any girl older than 3 years of age can be betrothed by intercourse. Jews believe in the rape of children as a religious right, just as their Semitic brothers the Muslims do. Just like the jihadis that abuse thousands of girls in atrocities like Rotherham, theseJews have a habit of walking free for their despicable crimes against children and society. The focus goes on more prominent child rapists like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen escaping repercussions for their unfathomably wicked acts, so it’s easy to forget that this is something that happens all the time.

So it goes again over in Australia:

The former principal of an ultra-Orthodox girls school in Melbourne has been ruled mentally unfit to face extradition and had her home detention lifted in a move that has shocked and deeply concerned Australian officials.

You know who isn’t shocked and concerned? Jews. Establishment Jews are cheering this. This woman raped and violated over 6 dozen virgin girls (that we know about) and has the highest authorities of Judaism conspiring to help her escape justice for their crimes.

sorry can't ready anymore, cont DS (eyes are watering) 

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 rbear    240

ok I think I gained some composure......


Shlomo Abelesz, a leader in Melbourne’s Adass community, told 7.30 that when the school board heard the allegations of abuse it decided not to report the claims to the police.

“They decided that there’s too much, you know, the suspicion of guilt is pretty high, and they said, ‘out of here’, and they got rid of her.”

The Hadass community “got rid of” Leifer immediately. She flew out of Melbourne at midnight, taking her family of seven to Israel.

Muslims get 72 virgins in heaven. Jews attain them in your backyard before they flee to Israel. Each and every one of these things is a danger to children. Israel has proven its complicity in child rape, ergo every man and woman with Israeli citizenship is a threat to every child around them. These things must be driven from all nations to face their final justice in the Levant, or no child will be safe."


I read another story where the school didn't report it because "It would make them look bad". Actualy that was today, this morning. 

Also I posted about the Israel Paedo Paradise Refuge, but it was removed. 

What we do know is that Jews and Muslims both practice child abuse. Often times these are the people who are in the highest positions also. I read yesterday also that the most despicable monster (either 1 or 2) is actually praised all over the web by the Jews even though he molested over 200 kids. He was found and convicted, and possibly died in prison, although I didn't confirm. A search of his name pulled up tons of "prominent Jewish rabi, highest praised, we love you, etc, from the chosen ones. go figure... 

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