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Denmark’s Birthrate Goes Up!

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 rbear    240

Denmark’s birthrate is rising, making it the only White country other than Russia to be experiencing an increase in White births.

Though this is probably mostly due to the sexcapades of Natt, the Danish leader of the Alt-Right who is rumored to get at least twelve women pregnant every week (none of whom will abort the child, hoping to bear an heir to the Alt-Right throne), it is also due to a series of ads the Danish government ran, encouraging sex for the purpose of having babies.

No joke. An ad campaign raised the birthrate of a country.

Denmark’s birth rate is set to increase following a series of targetted sex campaigns, including one that called on Danes to “Do it for mom”.

Last year a string of campaigns were released over national television encouraging Danish people to procreate.

Company, Spies Travel, released a video with the slogan “Do it for mom” in September 2015 urging people to have children to please their parents and help reverse the country’s aging population.

cont DS

Great to hear. Also about Natt, just wow man. Al thought I usually don't say yes to this kind of stuff on mass scale, I am glad you are helping to not exterminate the white race and grow it. We'll work on the monogamous genes later on as they are hereditary and also program basis.

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