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By Dan Wilson via Facebook ~

As we know a bid for the president of the United States is an extremely proposition. Though grass roots efforts do decrease ...the overall cost, the fact remains commercial air time remains the single most expensive part of an election.
The only way for a candidate to fund a presidential campaign is by relying on corporate donations. In the end these corporations want a return on their investment which means the elected President is in debt to these corporations. In return a president will pass laws or do other favors to repay the corporations who helped them get elected.
If we wish to elect a president who is not indebted to some company, union, or lobbyist group. We need to accept a new style of marketing. Donald Trump has created this new style that is not being accepted by many conservatives.
The claims made against Trump, that he is not a true conservative has not looked on his Web Page. There you will discover a well thought out conservative program that covers everything from trade to right to life. The videos we have seen, showing the opposite are ten to thirty years old.
Over the course of time all intelligent people is their beliefs evolve through time. If a person does not change their beliefs over the course of time are closed minded who refuse to listen from any side but their own. Trump, like many of us has changed their minds over various topics when through experience and listening to arguments on the other side, an intelligent person will change their minds.
Though I am about as conservative as one can be, I evolved into this position over the course of time. As one grows older, many of us are continually learning and this is how we evolve. Through my studies in History, personal experiences and a closer relationship with God has made me into the person I am today. Twenty or thirty years ago I was not the same person that I am today and I continue to learn and evolve on a daily basis.
One of the best publicized examples of Mr. Trump’s conservative beliefs came through the Justices he had chosen to replace Justice Scalia are all solid conservative whom I would be happy to support. Yes, Trump did leave the door open for other candidates but any intelligent person would do this. There are many conservative Justices out there and it is possible that one who had declined to be included on the list changed their minds. Thus in order to accommodate for this possibility and the negative responses that the press would respond to if a justice not on the list was chosen.
Mr. Trump’s economic plan is also sound and though he mentioned tariffs, had people listened closely it was not a inclusive thing. This was aimed at specific companies and not the entire market. When it comes to renegotiating trade agreements between other nations is to level the playing field. Again this is not a campaign to eliminate trade variations but oriented at making US products more competitive on the world stage.
This is just a few examples that are more clarified through this article. When it comes to building the wall and Mexico paying for it. We are not expecting Mexico to write a check. We can get Mexico to pay for the wall by taking the money out of what we give them each year.
As we see through Mr. Trump’s web page, he has solid conservative values. When it comes to his marketing techniques, he is simply voicing what all of us are thinking. His recent attack on the press is something all republicans have been complaining about for years. On Face Book, not a day goes by when someone is not complaining about the main stream media. Mr. Trump simply voicing what we all feel and through that he receives free press.
By voicing what Americans are feeling and never turning down a request for an interview is keeping the cost down on advertising while keeping his name in the press. This is why negative attacks are lost through counter attacks. This is a brilliant marketing campaign and being ambiguous when it comes to what he says on TV, only requires one to go to his Web site to get the answers we are asking.
Though claims are just the opposite, no other candidate has a more comprehensive plan than Donald Trump. All it requires is a bit of effort. Embrace his style of marketing and go to his web page for answers. Then compare what the other candidates are providing us. Your opinions will change.


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