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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,612
 Groove    1,336

I just had this conversation last night with a girl friend of mine and she's boring ally from Cali. She even noted that in the past 5-10 years it's been really really dry in Cali and during that time it's been really really wet this way. Now this year with all the floods it has really messed up agriculture here in Louisiana and I know a few farmers who have lost every single crop the planted in the spring. Now I also know some who planted late but they have lost a little over 50%. And these aren't small farmers either, one had 600 acres and lost over 500. Now my feelings are that this is being done on purpose to possibly start a food shortage of shtf. Just a thought. 

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 YourMom2    1,285

Texas Flood today is different when Stevie Ray Vaughn sang it. In the old days storms would roll in and it would rain like hell for 10 minutes or so and then later the sun would come out, the water would dry up and the next day it was like it never happened. Nothing like the continuing deluge that rolls in day after day. Clearly this is manipulation.....the other end of the drought spectrum.

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 CSB    1,665

WWIII is well under way ! It's a war not just against nations but against people and the self proclaimed elites will use every trick in their book .

Yes Weather modification, chemtrails haarp , crazy weather to beat a state and it's people into submission . The state of Texas has been fighting back at many of the Federal governments demands over the past few years . Time is running short , the self proclaimed elites have a agenda so I can see them using every weapon; stepping up the pace with bad weather .  


Personally I can see this year 2016 as a year of discontent in all people . Hardships and frustration will build a fire likes of that have never been seen before . 

This is a vision that I had a year or so ago I will share it here for being a lack of a better place . When I think about it it blows me away being that the turn of events to day jive with it

The battle for the souls of humanity is raging; many will parish! Evil's minions have darn them self's in deceptions . They knock upon the doors of the unknowing . By surprise people will fall nations will crumble at the hands ignorant men with swords and estranged birds of the air . Poison will flow in rivers and spread out up on the land in rain and snow. The bellies of the unprepared will tremble in pain and hunger; the flesh will turn and burn like fire .


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