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What the Hell is Going On Under The Oceans?! Suspicious 0bserver Warning

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Will have to watch later on something with better sound, looking forward to what the quiet guy says

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Suspicious Observer's daily updates are one of my daily stops.  Here's a copy of the video from the google search mentioned in the Josh Tolley video above:


Disturbance Under the Ocean - The South Bali Buoy


Suspicious Observers is a good resource for anyone interested in the earth's magnetic field, its relationship to the sun and solar events, and how all those interact to influence earth changes. 

SO YouTube channel

Worth a subscription for daily updates IMO.  There are also several associated websites that go a long way  toward condensing complex topics down into language most of us  can absorb.  Such as:


SpaceWeather News


Suspicious Observers website


As an example of why I follow this guy's work, yesterday's daily update (June 1) called for an uptick in global seismic activity and bam, within hours we got two 6.5 earthquakes about 500 miles NE of that buoy, + three 4.6-4.7 quakes right on top of that buoy location (within 50 miles).

Scientific data?  Not exactly, but this guy's work produces enough of these kinds of apparently predictive coincidences to make you perk up and take notice. 



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I was one of Suspicious0bserver's first subscribers. Then he got in a big fight with Dutch. Finally, I realized he is controlled opposition. Sun-worshippimg psy-oper.

Ben can kill my grits.

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So, grav, you got offended because one of your favorite people disagreed with another of your favorite people and you made an emotional decision, apparently without reference to the quality of the data each presented (since you presented no analysis of same).

I actually enjoy Dutchsinse's work as well. In his years of observation he seems to have developed a bit of a gut sense that may have turned into some predictive capacity as well.  But, he certainly doesn't exhibit the levels of scientific discipline and self-restraint exhibited by SO.

BPEarthwatch is another example of a highly intelligent  observer capable of doing good research that calls many of the mainstream scientific priesthood's assertions into question. I find all of their work provocative and very helpful in posing questions to consider that I might  not have thought to consider myself.

Recognition that we're trying to navigate through a sea of lies when it comes to all that is presented to us by modern science, doesn't give us liberty  to ignore evidence in favor of emotionally derived non-sense and call it science.  Supplanting one myth with a more emotionally appealing myth does not science make :)


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