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Schools Are Knowingly Exposing Kids to Sexual Predators

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,612

Does this crap EVER STOP?!!


Schools Are Knowingly Exposing Kids to Sexual Predators



By intentionally putting the safety of minors at risk, superintendents are going to new lengths to protect teachers that engage in criminal activity. Channel 8 News recently revealed that North Texas school districts are knowingly exposing innocent children to sexual predators, potentially violating state law, and obstructing state investigators in the process.

The appalling practice, which educators themselves refer to as “passing the trash,” allows teachers who may have engaged in sexual misconduct to quietly resign, retain their teaching certificate, and be passed along to other districts to avoid media scrutiny.

Over 1,000 teachers are currently under investigation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the highest caseload in Texas history. The vast majority of these cases are due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Aside from “passing the trash,” the report also uncovered evidence that superintendents are obstructing TEA investigations by withholding or redacting crucial information about individual cases. According to investigators, lawyers representing the district claim schools are motivated to withhold information to help preserve their public image. In a 2015 Senate committee hearing, a TEA investigator publicly testified that he was “treated like the public” when his requests for information were denied or obstructed by school officials.


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