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Nibiru Spotted From UK

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Saw this on another CT forum.


Vetting Nibiru researchers is a daunting task; every legitimate Nibiru story or photograph spawns a myriad of hoaxes that spread like wildfire across the internet. And every legitimate Nibiru sighting is quickly discredited by government sponsored paid shills and NASA disinformation agents, organizations desperate to conceal Nibiru’s existence until the last possible moment. Supporters claim to have seen it, though many sightings turn out to be photographs of lens flares, street lamps, or atmospheric aberrations. Debunkers are quick to argue: “If it’s there, why can’t we see it? Why didn’t it arrive in 2004, 2008, 2012?”

full piece:


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 RabidWolf    938
2 hours ago, Astrokiller said:

The photo was apparently stolen from Chad Powell.  It was in a newspaper article and says it shows Mars, Saturn and a star Antares?

I see that they have removed that stolen photo from the the source website now. 

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