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Bathroom lawsuit could send transgender rights to Supreme Court

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 Cinnamon    14,454

A lawsuit brought by Texas and other states against the Obama administration's policy on bathroom access may move the United States closer to a resolution on transgender rights by putting the issue on a trajectory for the Supreme Court.

Conservative officials from 11 states sued the federal government on Wednesday to overturn a directive that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom matching their gender identity instead of being forced to use one corresponding to gender assigned at birth. The governor of a 12th state, Mississippi, said he planned to join the lawsuit.

The country's high court has never ruled on a main question of the lawsuit: Do federal legal protections against sex discrimination apply to transgender people?

The plaintiffs picked a path that could get them two quick wins in lower courts. The lawsuit is expected to be heard first by an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush and if there is an appeal by a conservative federal appeals court covering Texas.

If that appeals court ruled against the Obama administration, the Supreme Court may feel compelled to take up the matter because of a likely conflict with a ruling last month from a federal appeals court in Virginia. That ruling revived a transgender teen's lawsuit against his school district.



Can we find any more ways to waste our tax dollars?  One of the parts of the "plan" is to waste as much money as fast as possible to bring down the people.  The fact that we're even entertaining this trash speaks volumes to how stupid people in the U.S. truly are.  If someone has gone through the operation to change their sex, that is one thing, but to just say "I feel like a man or woman today" and be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice is sheer lunacy.  I used to think calling them libtards was harsh, but I don't anymore. 

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 CSB    1,662


But But libtards are people to we must be tolerant to their feelings and give them the same chemtrailed air that we breath .

How ever I will suggest dissecting a few thousand to understand how they think because they are not normal .

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