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Why They Fear People Claiming to be Sovereigns

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This is a vary good read and one well worth the time . It gives a good understanding of what the differences are between being sovereign and slave .

I was vary much a part of the sovereignty movement in the 1980s . I even had a national drivers license just to keep the cops off my ass .

Today this is vary hard to get away with do to corruption in government . Everyone using their sovereignty is now seen as a terrorist .

Why They Fear People Claiming to be Sovereigns

Saturday, May 28, 2016

They are called SOVEREIGNS: Enemy of the State Combatants, Anti-Government, and even Terrorists.  Who are these persons that hate the sovereigns?  They are the CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA, CDC, IRS, NSA, THE FED, AND EVEN THE LOCAL SHERIFF DEPARTMENTS AND POLICE DEPARTMENTS OF EVERY STATE, COUNTY, and CITY ACROSS AMERICA! Yes, I said sheriffs despite the current movement by some sheriffs that LIE to the PEOPLE and state that they are “CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS!”  Before you claim that you are a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF or before you as an individual claim that your Local or County Sheriff is a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF ask yourself, or them, directly FIVE QUESTIONS:

Read the whole post here : http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/05/why-they-fear-people-claiming-to-be-sovereigns-emailed-by-a-reader-3361046.html


I have never claimed to be a Sovereign I am a Sovereign . Documented  UCC-1 filing

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