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octopus prime

Another idea about illegal immigrants (but probably not a good one)

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The applicant would identify himself, pass a consular background check for U.S. criminal charges (other than illegal entry) and agree to make an exit payment for another illegal, who, in return for the payment, voluntarily agrees to return home.

How would the aspiring guest worker know how much to pay? He would enter his (coded) name in the ICE Return Home Exchange, sort of an online Ebay for exit. The exchange would match the applicant with the lowest bid offered by another (coded) entrant willing to leave. The exchange would work just like those for plywood futures, greenhouse-gas emission credits or gold.

The departee with the winning bid would report to a designated departure point, provide biometric identification information, receive his payment in pesos and board the provided plane, bus or train for the outbound trip.

What about the clever departee who agrees to go home, pockets the pesos and then sneaks back into the U.S. to do it again? Part of the agreement would be a waiver of due process if the departee were subsequently apprehended for illegal reentry. That would land him with a mandatory one-year hitch in a low-stipend conservation corps, repairing damage to ranchlands along our southern border, followed by a free trip home.

Once the exchange transaction was completed, ICE would issue the successful guest worker an ID and a Tax Identification Number, which would allow him to remain, work legally, pay taxes, learn English and, eventually—absent any criminal behavior—obtain permanent resident status. (Citizenship is a separate issue.)

We have the technology for biometric identification and for managing electronic markets.  We have foreign consular offices and plenty of illegal aliens. We just need to put it all together.

So many problems with this idea, where to start? Biometric I.D.s? As long as it's just for illegal aliens,  what could POSSIBLY go wrong? How about just enforcement of current laws and send them packing?

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 Flat    220

That's really an interesting idea. I don't know if it would work, but I love the out of the boxness.

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