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audio/txt: The Daily Traditionalist: Learning From Hezbollah

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 rbear    240

Matthew Heimbach returns with a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist talking about the anti-Zionist organisation Hezbollah. This week is the anniversary of Liberation Day in Lebanon, when 16 years ago the country was liberated from being occupied by Jews. We have to deal with the corruption of our morals and attacks on our traditions, but the Lebanese had to put up with being blown up and gunned down by Jewish terrorists armed by us in the West.

We often hear about the Palestinian cause, but the Lebanese one is just as relevant. They are fighting against the same enemy as us, only they could be shot by IDF agents or hit by drone strikes, rather than just lose their jobs.

The Jews were not happy with the lands they were given in 1967 and decided they would expand into the Lebanon. Hezbollah were then formed for the purpose of directly preventing this, but it was not until 2000, that they were finally able to free their land from the occupation.

cont DS download audio (29:53)

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