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New Chinese Detergent Could be the Solution to the European Migrant Crisis!

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 rbear    240

Actual Chinese detergent ad from current year:

The Chinese have invented a powerful new detergent which is capable of turning Negroes into Chinamen.

This could be the solution to Europe’s migrant crisis.

Presently, Europe is being overrun by the lowest IQ groups on the planet – Blacks, Pakis, Arabs, etc (sc on this board somewhere in many places. They can’t work to pay the pensions of old White people because they can’t even even read. They are also disgruntled and lazy and wouldn’t work even if they were capable of it. cont DS

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 Quick1966    1,037

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! That's just awesome! Yeah the Chinese are some of the most racist folks around. But remember it's all whiteys fault.

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