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Sweden Allows NATO in Their Base – Because Russia Could Invade Sweden at Any Moment

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 rbear    240

A lot of people believe that Sweden is being “threatened” by massive immigration from third world Moslem countries.


The real threat to Sweden is a Russian invasion, which could happen at any moment.

Thank Allah NATO is there to protect them.

The Swedish parliament ratified a controversial deal with NATO allowing the bloc to deploy troops in the Nordic country. NATO has been pushing for closer ties with neutral European countries, on the pretext of ‘protection from Russia’.

The so-called Host Nation Support Agreement (HNSA) was passed by the MPs on Wednesday as opponents of the deal vocally protested from the public galleries. Speaker asked security guards to stop the disturbance and escort the activists out.

Sweden’s Left Party, which initially intended to stall the ratification in an unlikely alliance with the far-right Sweden Democrats, dropped the notion when their political rivals withdrew their support. Sweden Democrats said even together with the Left Party they would not be able to push back the deal for more than a couple of weeks, The Local reported.

The HNSA was originally signed in September 2014 and allows NATO to deploy troops in Sweden on an invitation from Stockholm. Visiting soldiers would have legal immunities and privileges while staying in Sweden. cont DS

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 Rustydog    116

Russia is not the problem here, NATO and the US are really overstepping. When the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union they had many nukes there. When USSR dissolved in early 90's Ukraine was their own country with no real need for nukes, but they didn't want to give them up because then they had no protection from Russia. US steps in and signs treaty saying that they would come to the aid of Ukraine should Russia attack. Ukraine gives up nukes. No problems while US has a president with kahona's. Enter lamest duck president ever. Putin saw US encroaching and created a buffer zone. US did nothing to help Ukraine. Made the situtation worse. Same thing with Syria, Russia's only naval base on the black Sea is in syria, of course they are going to protect it.  Now they put up a missile shield and 4000 troops in Poland, plus troops in Sweden. This administration has no clue. Eastern Europe is a powder keg waiting to blow just like right before WW1.I hope sanity prevails.

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Thank Allah????? Hope that's sarcasm that went over my head. Russia would never invade them.

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