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Sweden: Effeminate Policexirs Dance is Pink Skirts

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 rbear    240

warning: language on official link, nsfw

As the Islamic invasion causes crime to skyrocket in Sweden, the Swedish police have found a new way to combat the coming Islamic insurrection. A genius new plan has been developed by the gender scientist Ulf Karlsson. The plan – top secret until now – will consist of Police Commander Bubba and his five loyal servants dancing in pink skirts, while smiling like little girls.

With pink skirts, this special police unit will seek and destroy CIS white males to free Sweden from it’s Swedish oppressors so the poor Hajis won’t feel offended.

pic link

The Daily Stormer got an exclusive interview with Prof. Karlsson about his recent breakthrough.

Daily Stormer: So Ulf Karlsson, why do you think the pink skirts will solve immigrant crime?

Prof. Karlsson: Well, it’s obvious that these people are very sexually repressed, making them very angry. By making the authority figures dress in pink skirts, these people subconsciously associate this with the deep traumas they had as children. This will hopefully trigger their Oedipus complex, making them feel a tender submissive love for the good policexirs here as if they were their own mothers.

Daily Stormer: Ah, I see. You don’t think they will just point and laugh?

Prof. Karlsson: No, because Dr. Schlomo ben Freudenthalberg of Tel’Aviv University has proved this already in Israel. It is good to go here.

But seriously though: this really happened.

The Swedish Police in the town of Huddinge posted the two pictures to Facebook as a sort of joke during a party they had. Whether the party was with taxpayer money or not still remains a mystery.

The local population in Huddinge is outraged at the shameful buggery the policemen most surely committed while the cameras were (hopefully) off. chopped but cont on DS

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