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NEWS ALERT: NATO threatens Russia amidst LIVE Fire Military Exercises

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 BigRed    150

| Just a few hours ago NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reached
his breaking point taking the world one step closer to war with Russia.


demanded that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov withdraw all support for
Russian separatists, because of the large number of Russian military
exercises being conducted on the border of Ukraine.

This is a
very troubling development coming on the heels of NATO’s own massive
live fire exercises with American troops less than a day’s march away in

And just last month Putin threatened Nuclear war if NATO remained active in the Baltics.

response to Putin, NATO raised the stakes. Wasting no time collecting
nearly 13000 troops to flex their muscle on Russia’s back door during
Operation Hedgehog.

Hedgehog is the largest scale military exercise conducted by the Estonian military and NATO forces since World War 2.

Estonia shares a border with Russia and is only 5 hours from St. Petersburg and 11 hours from Moscow.

threats stem from what they referred to as “short-notice” military
exercises conducted by Russian forces adding that “incidents are
spiraling out of control”

High visibility live fire Military
exercises are being carried out by both sides for the world to see
ramping up tensions in the region.

One false move could drive the entire world into World War 3.

Watch video here:http://right.is/politics/2015/05/news-alert-nato-threatens-russia-amidst-live-fire-military-exercises-26232.html

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