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Very First Man Passes Through Airport Customs With MicroChip Implant

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 Malevolent    1,947




t's here! The first ever person to pass through airport customs with an implant inserted into his body. 


According to the DailyMail: We could be passing through airport security and boarding planes with just a wave of the hand in the future if an experiment by one Swedish technology expert takes off.

Andreas Sjöström implanted a microchip in his hand and uploaded his Scandinavian Airlines flight booking to it to board a plane out of Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Paris.<snip>


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 Cinnamon    14,284

'The system reacts as if you have the ordinary NFC sticker from the airline, so you're eligible to pass through and it recognizes who you are."

What does that mean?  That the regular equipment for scanning is the same as for chips in the body?  They don't set up systems unless they expect a lot of people to use them.  Maybe that's why there is such a long line and a fee to make through faster (pay them so you give them your info, what a deal!) at TSA.  Who wants to pay every time? Get a chip, pay one time. The frequent flyers will go for this.  

This chip is being describe the same way as the first chips that ever came out: size of a grain of rice. Whut? After all this time, it's still that big?  One of the first chips was named Digital Angel.  Creepy! 

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 YourMom2    1,242

Way to go, Swedes! Those of you with any brains left will be using your chip to hurriedly leave your socialist utopia before your new barbaric friends burn it down.

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