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The Egyptair conspiracy theory sweeping the Arab world: "Israel did it"

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The Egyptair conspiracy theory sweeping the Arab world: "Israel did it"



Despite ongoing investigations into its cause, the tragic downing of Egyptair flight MS804 remains a mystery today.

But in the Arab world’s conspiracy theory rumour mill, many people think they’ve figured out what happened to the doomed flight. The answer is one you’ve probably heard before: Israel did it.

The idea is based on a coincidence: at the time the plane disappeared, and in the area around Crete where it lost signal, the Israeli military were conducting exercises. Advocates of the theory believe that the plane may have been shot out of the sky during those exercises – either by mistake or intentionally.

If it's confirmed that Israel downed the #EgyptAir flight during its military exercises, we must ask about the possibility of collaboration between Sisi, Hollande, and Netanyahu, and the fact that the crime was deliberate.

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