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Militia to the Border - SUMMER SURGE

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 DarkKnightNomeD    2,079


Coloradans volunteer to protect the U.S. Border



NOGALES, Ariz. – The security of the border between the United States and Mexico, or lack there of, has been a hot topic recently – especially among the Presidential candidates.

But while they debate about what they are going to do, dozens of men and women across the country are taking action now and volunteering their time to patrol the U.S. border.

These men and women take time off work and away from their families to spend days camping in miserable conditions.

They say they do it because of a love for their country and a desire to protect it.

Recently, a group of about 45 people spent 10 days near Nogales, Arizona; some of them traveled all the way from Colorado.

Most belong to groups like the III% United Patriots or the Oath Keepers.

“Some people call us a militia, some people call us patriot groups, you can call us whatever you want to call us, we’re Americans,” said one volunteer from Colorado who goes by Ghost.

The group gathers near the border in Arizona to take a stand.

“I think there’s a few from California, it’s great to see all sorts of people come together,” said another Colorado volunteer, named Sparky.

“Trump talks about building a wall, we’re the wall right now,” said Ghost.

Their goal is to keep drugs and people crossing the border illegally out of the United States.

“We’re a sovereign country, yet these guys cross this border like it’s nothing. Like it’s not even there,” said Ghost.



Border Patrol Gearing Up for Summer Months



Border Patrol agents are seeing a decrease in drug smuggling in the Rio Grande Valley and an increase in human smuggling.

They’re currently gearing up for the heat of the summer months.

Agents from other sectors will come to assist with the inevitable increase in rescues and deaths of people trying to sneak past the checkpoints. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to find every person who gets lost in the brush.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS got a firsthand look at what an ideal rescue looks like.

A canine picked up a scent immediately that led straight to a person in distress. The man was treated and airlifted to safety.

Many others aren’t that lucky. They die in the brush because the smugglers they pay to lead them across the border abandon them.

“Immigration is understandable, both legal and illegal. We can understand that. What is not acceptable is the atrocities that are committed by the smugglers on this vulnerable group of people,” Chief Manuel Padilla Jr. with the Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley sector said.

Atrocities by smugglers aren’t limited to the brush. They happen inside packed vehicles with smoldering temperatures. They happen south of the checkpoint in stash houses closer to the river.

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 Rustydog    116

I saw the other day an illegal crossing the border was saved by the distress phone, in the middle of the desert, near the border, that is stocked with water and has a sign written in english, spanish, and chinese(:vb_wtf:). We might as well give them a limo ride into the country with piñata's, strippers, and a case of Corona!!

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