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LATINO Community flies MEX FLAG Above U S - Things get UGLY when VET arrives/ More recycled news.

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 Cinnamon    14,423

Published on May 24, 2016

It is illegal to fly the Mexican flag, or any other, above the U S Flag. Well, in Reno Nevada, a Latino Community did just that. What happened next wasn't what they thought would happen. A Vet found out about it. What he did made many American's proud. It upset some Mexicans.


 They did the same thing in So California a few years ago and were made to take down their flag. That is saying they own America, they don't! I'm hoping this is a recent video and not a rehash, even if it is, I didn't see it before. 

EDIT: I found out this video is from 2007! First of all, here we go again with these alt sites and their recycled news!  Secondly, it shows that even once they get here, many have no respect for America. Third, what is the author trying to do by recycling old news like this?  Alternate media is getting worse all the time. Can't trust anything anymore. Maybe that's the real doom. 


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