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A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

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 Cinnamon    24,840

It was only a matter of time before our deeply divided nation was going to start coming apart at the seams.  Waves of anger, frustration, violence and civil unrest are starting to sweep across the United States, and political rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have become a focal point for releasing some of that energy.  The angry mob that threw rocks, bottles and burning T-shirts at police and Donald Trump supporters on Tuesday night wanted to get the attention of the national media, and they got it in droves.  Now that the election is less than five months away, this kind of scene is going to be repeated over and over, and this is something that I warned about back in March.  Millions upon millions of our young people have fully embraced the radical left, and they have already made it exceedingly clear that they are not afraid to use violence to advance their cause.

Never before in my lifetime have I seen America so divided.  Our politicians and the mainstream media have been endlessly pitting various groups against one another for years, and wherever you look hearts are growing very cold.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  I believe that this is going to be the most chaotic election season that we have ever experienced, and the chaos and violence that are going to be unleashed over the next five months are going to shock the entire world.

On Tuesday night, the angry mob that gathered outside of the Albuquerque Convention Center didn’t seem to care who they hurt as they unleashed their anger.  According toFox News, some of the protesters even tried to set police horses on fire…

The rampaging gang was made up of anti-Trump goons — waving the Mexican flag and burning a Trump banner.

“Viva Mexico,” protesters shouted, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

The rioters even targeted police horses — knocking one down – and throwing burning T-shirts at others. Who tries to burn down a horse?



 They are nothing but a bunch of indoctrinated bullies.  They're brainwashed and dependent up the system and Obama and the rest of the Democrats are the ones to blame for this, yet they don't want things any different or they would do something different. I hope someone is paying for all of this, but you know they won't!  Waving a Mexican flag at me is going to get you NO sympathy. They wouldn't let me do this in their country, because their country wouldn't let me in, in the first place!  

 Trying to burn any animal alive is a sign of evil and cruel people.  I don't know what kind of training they give horses but no animal is going to stand by and let someone burn them, especially a horse, they were probably wild with panic. How in the hell do you knock down a horse? They must have attacked en mass. f***ers! 

Remember the rally they didn't let anyone attend that had to be closed down?  

6 trillion dollars is what this dream of theirs is going to cost taxpayers. Get ready to pay up if Hillary gets in and I mean quick. Taxes will go sky high and people are going to suffer even more. Disposable income keeps shrinking everytime something like insurance is renewed, it goes up for no reason at all. Wages are not going up that I can see. Anyone got a raise lately?  


Watch the video. Not impressed!  Like the guy said, if you want to get Trump elected, keep it up! 

The only reason the politicians want them in here is so they'll vote Democrat and to keep labor costs down for their business cronies.  Send all of them back that are here illegally, I'm fed up and tired of paying for them! Send their anchor babies back with them, too.  


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This country has a history of civil unrest and violence. We have always been a violent nation. This is not even the first political violence. The 60s and 70s were pretty violent domestically as well, remember things like Kent State? Trump himself uses violent speech, but that's all his rhetoric amounts to: trash talk and propaganda.  To the illegal immigrants: you are not citizens and you have no business escalating anything.  Trump’s mouth, like McCarthy,  will eventually take care of itself.  It's one thing for American citizens to slug it out,  but for an illegal to do it HAS to be seditionist and should be handled accordingly. 

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