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octopus prime

Even liberals don't get the transgender bathroom in schools

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Liberals' latest lazy cultural crusade

May 24, 2016
If Donald Trump manages to win the general election in November, historians of the future may trace the start of his march to victory to May 13, 2016. That was the day the Obama administration announced that all public schools in the country would have to provide transgendered students access to the bathroom of their choice or face a loss of federal funds (and possible Justice Department lawsuits under Title IX).

But how could this be, when Trump's position on this and other culture-war issues is wishy-washy at best?

Because in recent years elections have been increasingly fought and won in negative terms, with most people voting in favor of one party not so much because they love it as because they despise the other side. This is likely to be truer than ever this year, with two colossally unpopular candidates lining up against each other. Most Clinton voters will be casting ballots against Trump, and most Trump voters will be casting ballots against Clinton — and President Obama's decision to become a champion of transgender rights just might be enough to move a significant number of culturally conservative voters who have been troubled by Trump firmly into the anti-Democrat column.

Why did Obama do it? The answer isn't especially clear to me because I'm not the right kind of liberal.

In purely political terms, the decision seems inexplicable. The number of transgendered people in the United States is vanishingly small — something on the order of 0.3 percent of the population. Many people, like me, who have no problem with allowing transgendered adults to use the bathroom of their choice nonetheless think it misguided to indulge the decisions of children in this area. (Kids aren't allowed to drink alcohol, drive, vote, work, or volunteer to fight in the military, but they should be permitted to change their birth gender?)

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 Cinnamon    24,700

I believe the whole transgender issue is another way of letting parents know that their kids are not their own and the state will go against them by making laws like this. Destruction of the family unit is one of the goals of the Communist Manifesto. 

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 Redlistvet    802

Its cause Obama married one an hes tired of hearing the bitching that she can't use the bathroom of her choice. 

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