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Euro 2016: Terror Test-Run Causes Chaos at Stade de France

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 Cinnamon    14,331


PARIS — France surrounded its largest soccer stadium with a 7-foot fence and deployed 1,700 security personnel in a bid to prevent repeats of November's ISIS bombing — but all did not go to plan.

The new measures were installed at the Stade de France as a trial run for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, which kicks off across the country in under three weeks.

However, thousands of fans became trapped by a new two-tier security system that forced supporters to pass through pat-downs and multiple ticket checks on Saturday. Some people in the densely-packed crowds even ignited fireworks.

The trial run was carried out during France's domestic cup final between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. The first match of Euro 2016 is scheduled for June 10.

Antoine Mordacq, a security and safety manager for Euro 2016, told NBC News before the test that he was "confident" to test the new measures on the French cup final. "We are prepared, we are ready for the tournament," he said.

But things were were almost as chaotic inside the 80,000-capacity stadium on Saturday.



Eighty thousand people and they do a test run! All of these things they are doing are planting the seeds of terror in people, you can't feel safe ANYWHERE according to them, not at home, not at school, not at work, on the road, at the grocery store, movies or malls.  The people in charge of this kind of experiment are insane. I have a solution. Kick out all the Muslims and you will go back to normal life.  Make our governments stop causing the chaos in the ME, that is all they are doing. Their result is nothing but more pissed off people who want to kill us. If they want to lock something down so badly, lock the borders from illegal and legal immigration. Talk about a multi tiered plan to ruin all western nations, this is so obvious only the most libotomized of liberals could be blind to it at this point. Sighs. Why don't we have any power over these idiots that we all pay their salary? 

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