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Merkel Deal: Turkey Only Sends mentally disabled & Criminals, Keeps Educated Refugees

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 rbear    240

Merkel signed a deal with Erdogan – ostensibly to cut down on the number of refugees in Europe – where she deports one refugee to Turkey, and in return, accepts one refugee into Europe.

For those not good at math, that means the number remains the same. But actually the number doesn’t remain the same, because people are still pouring in.

Part of the deal is that Turkey is allowed to send any refugees they want.

Shockingly, they’re keeping the professionals and only sending criminals and people with mental disabilities.

No one could have predicted it.

Merkel never thought to Google “Turkish character.”

European officials are accusing Ankara of foul play within the EU-Turkey refugee deal, claiming that Ankara is not allowing qualified Syrian refugees to leave the country.

Top EU officials have expressed anger at Turkey’s selective approach to sending Syrian refugees – currently living in the country – to Europe, according to Spiegel magazine.

They insist that most refugees coming from Turkey under the “one in, one out” deal are people with “severe illnesses” and a “low educational background,”stressing that it is Turkish officials who are exclusively in charge of selecting candidates for leaving for the EU. cont ds

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