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Creation of five nuclear armed mini-empires is Obama goal... Hyper-proliferation of nuclear weapons to crush Russia-China-India

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Washington and Israel seek to create five nuclear armed mini-empires with which to engage Russia-China-India in nuclear conflict. Proxy nuclear war.

NATO expansion eastward into the former warsaw pact and soviet states was done deliberately to create a zionist mini-empire that would be peeled off of NATO after ukraine and belarus were gobbled up with washington-israeli backed coups. israel will then proliferate nuclear weapons into this new "ISRAELI NATO"

The second will come after peeliing off the israeli half of NATO, whats left would become the rump "EU NATO"... also with nuclear arms.

The third will be when UK wll leave the EU and remain in what's left of the "ORIGINAL NATO"... (it will be called something else and include the US UK, Canada, Mexico)

The fourth will be the "ARAB NATO" that washington is using their ISIS proxy army to create... (this will also be controlled by us-israel)

The fifth will be a nuclear armed  "ASIAN NATO" including japan s korea, phillipines, indonesia, australia.

Then washington will confront russia-china with FIVE nuclear armed mini-empires (NATOs)

This is the strategic 10 year nuclear proliferation plan.

Behind this is the hidden hand of the skeletal remains of the british empire as they are the ones who politically help maintain israeli colonies in somalialand, georgia, azerbijan and the soon to be kurd state.

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