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Fox News Fires Reporter Breaking Biggest Story of Century! Killing Billions Using Vaccines!

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 Ukshep    12,942

Looks like they got rid of another that tried to speak out on a mainstream platform!

Fox News Radio show host Kate Dalley fired from her OWN show - the Kate Dalley show she had for 5 years on Fox - one DAY before having me on as guest on the holistic doctor deaths! Read here for details and see show we did on the Blaze last week which is still up!

It needs to hurry up and be known by all! only way to stop bad vaccinations.


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 Rustydog    116

It is strange that these doctors are all dead under mysterious circumstances, but this lady needs to get a grip. I saw her the other day saying that her cell phone was typing crazy messages, telling her she had cancer. I've personally had an android phone with a messed up screen that would type out things I didn't type. For her, being a doctor, cancer would be word I would not be surprised to see in her keyboard auto spell dictionary. She came off as very kooky in that video, and I've tried to watch some of her other videos, I just can't see her as anything more than a drama queen. Sorry, I did try. I wonder if anyone else is reporting on this???

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