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Judges Call For Law Banning ‘Fattism’ Alongside Racism And Homophobia

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A leading employment judge has demanded new laws to help the overweight fight “fattism” by allowing them to sue colleagues who offend them.

Philip Rostant, the training director for the Employment Tribunals of England and Wales, claimed in an academic paper that fat people are paid on average less and are more likely to be fired.

He argued that new laws could stop such “prejudice” against people with what he called “non-ideal weight”. The paper insists that “fattism” should feature along side other hate crimes such as racism and homophobia.

It points out that currently under the Equality Act of 2010 discrimination against people because of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability are all outlawed.

Fat people however can only claim such protected status if they can also prove that their weight is so debilitating that it constitutes a disability.



As the ambulance chasers find another pig trough to slop for money.  Insanity.  Factoid: Most people are fat because they don't exercise and they eat too much of the wrong foods. Simple. Few are overweight due to real medical problems. Anyone want to find the stats and prove me wrong, please do. 

I have never made fun of people on a personal level, so this would never affect me. (Politicians and others who infringe upon my rights are another story, I can't be offensive enough to them.)  

Suing? f*** it! I'm going move over there to eat myself into oblivion, then get a job, sue some people, then go to the gym and a weight loss camp with some of that money. Set for life!  

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Yeah! No fat chick's..... Hang on think I read it wrong. Hahaha (couldn't resist not being a wanker there)    let's just make up a whack law everyday until we all snap and kill each other... That's what they're trying to do... These fema camps are currently open and running at a loss because.. The Rapture doesn't exist... The whole eastern seaboard of America hasn't exploded under a volcano yet and caused a tsunami to wipe u out. Ww3 is late and basically everything your government has tried to do still hasn't worked!   They be panicking now.. Cern and harp are to we'll known about to complete NWO project bluebeam... Have you ever wondered with all the wars America have started with all the billions of dollars worth of state of the art equipment you still haven't won any wars! It's embarrassing really. When 100 English and Australians will sneak in and destroy all and do the jobs of 5 American divisions.. It shows something wasn't right to begin with... Love America Hate your government.... (I think I'm snapping everytime I see what your invalid president does!) aaarrrrgghhhhh

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