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Taboo Conspiracy LIVE - NASA & Disney X Fakery

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 JibbyJedi    1,160

new link coming....

Click on the link above to come on in and have some laughs with us.  First timers all you need to do is download a plug in and have at least a working mic.   I'd like to grab some captures of us and our faces tonight for the package I'm sending off tomorrow night to the studio for final edits

Topics - NASA & Disney X Fakery - and wherever that trails off with


Not sure if this will work, first attempt at open invite lol

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Is this the video with Jeff and the other guy? an interesting chat you guys had. You need a name -- ? the Whole Earth Gang of 3, CT Is Us, the JJs, or 3Js.  :biggrin:

I listened to the first hour. Great info. Water in the ISS, Chinese Earth figures very different from Nasa's, nukes, etc. Is the entire video 7 hours long? at one sitting???

And 99% of people who call themselves critical thinkers will NEVER listen to it. Because it is "crazy" talk compared to their rational and reasonable ct topics. :wacko: 

The only other comment I have is that it would benefit from a text summary, like topics discussed in each half hour. And maybe a few links, like to the bat bombs. Now that was something! What kind of sicko would even think of such a horror? Oh, yeah, the NWO who run the world.

Google Hangouts, ugh, I may break down and get it. Always some newfangled app or gadget to mess with. 

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