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London has fallen coincidence?

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3 minutes ago, Ukshep said:

Just realized something. This move London has fallen - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3300542/


The fact london has fallen to a muslim mayor

Coincidence. Or they told us.

@Cinnamon thoughts?

They're telling us all kinds of things in their "programs".  I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was to see a Muslim installed as the Mayor of London. Looking at The Simpsons and their spot on predictions, which are way too many to be coincidences and the Illuminati Card set, again too spot on for flukes, I'm always looking for clues i movies. The fact that this is the title of this movie, it could very well be that, because it seems that more than London fell in that movie, why give London top billing.  The first person I ever saw online who tried to warn people on forums about predictive programming in media was laughed into oblivion. I didn't realize at that time what an army of shills could do regarding content control on a forum. That guy made perfect sense yet he was completely vilified in a place where some of the most intelligent posters I've ever seen still reside.  London has fallen to Sharia Law, it's already there, but it will become something everyone will eventually have to accept. I want to see that movie! 

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Just now, thedudeabides said:

Haha thats nothing watch Gods of Egypt.

I did yesterday! thats messed up too.

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What a coincidence. I saw "London Has Fallen" yesterday.

PS I also saw the "Gods of Egypt" yesterday.

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More info.

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