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US is Home to 20% of Global Migrant Population! Enough!

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 rbear    240

With the way the stupid President continues to shame the good people of this country with implications they have no empathy toward ISIS refugees – and people from everywhere else on the planet – you’d think we hadn’t taken in any of these globally victimized brown “people.”

As it turns out, our once-great nation is the biggest host of “migrants” of any country in the world, holding 1 in 5 of the total global number.

But still we must have more, say these Jews and their Black puppet.

Because Whites are responsible for every problem in the world.

The United States is home to vastly more immigrants than any other country in the world, but its immigrant population is less diverse than many other nations, with more than a fourth of foreign-born residents originating from a single country: Mexico.

In a new compilation of immigration facts, the Pew Research Center examinesU.S. migration patterns compared to the rest of the globe — highlighting that, with 46.6 million immigrants as of 2015, the U.S. “by a wide margin” has the most foreign-born people living within its borders.

“As of 2015, the United Nations estimates that 46.6 million people living in the United States were not born there. This means that about one-in-five international migrants (19%) live in the U.S.,” the report reads. “The U.S. immigrant population is nearly four times that of the world’s next largest immigrant destination – Germany, with about 12 million immigrants.”

cont DS

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 rbear    240

THE STORY YOU DON’T KNOW: Millions of white Europeans were enslaved under Islam for 1,000 years

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