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  1. Watching people dodge traffic in China is boring now? How much in office bets do you think took place with this camera?
  2. you people are clowns

    I like how the family is now saying they don't back the militia. They really are clowns. Not the militia, the family.
  3. Real ID Act Takes Effect Jan. 10

    I won't have a new id for another 6 years, nobody will stop me from traveling. The date is when the program needs to be in effect and the new licenses will roll out as people renew over the years.
  4. The Four Hiden Dynasties (that control us all)

    Very true. Or living in capitalism with a healthy dose of socialism (fire, police, schools, etc) has taught us that a mix works. Or, teach well and the majority will further your community/culture, while those that think it is all lies won't. You really need to look into getting a better loan. Try a credit union, you only pay interest on the remaining balance. "Steal". Writers, like other "artists" take inspiration. If things are "stolen" then whoever was "stolen" from should prosecute. But they never protected their work so no "stealing" was done. Oh my! Wizards and shit. I am not a fan of Jesse Jackson either, but seriously doubt he rapes kids.
  5. Did you know you were guilty of this!?

    Good thing the founding fathers had a brain and didn't rely on the general population to make rules. The treason law in the US was crafted very specifically for very specific reasons. It is almost impossible to prove treason, it usually takes a confession. In general- treason is setting out to harm your country, which involves intent. Hence, almost impossible to prove, just like perjury.
  6. Doctors have always had the rights to report anything illegal or possibly illegal with their patients, or any fear they may have that the patient will "do something". Most do not, and that will continue. Once you turn in a patient, you have broken the trust and will lose your other patients.
  7. Florida has the most widespread population of muslims. The reason you don't "see" any is because you are blinded by your mind. Most muslims in South Florida are hispanic.
  8. This is who i am! Deal with it!

    Glad to see the 28 day cycle is still in full effect.
  9. CT Directory "fun facts"

    Wow. How do so many here post links without reading them first? Why would an entire culture be untrustworthy by putting forth a concept? If you actually took the time to read what you linked to, you would have found that they used "observation" from reports by sailors to determine a spherical earth. The theory was then taken further by "observing" shadows and angles of shadows at the same time in different places. When I look at videos showing how the sun works on a flat earth model, my own "observation" shows it to be false. Maybe. Didn't Daniel or someone in the bible have a dream as well? Something about a flat earth? LoL is right, you can't even hold a phone correctly to film a horizon. Or did those dastardly government agents get into your phone to mess you up there too? You go on and on about how "they" try to stop you. If you don't know how to use a computer safely, get out of CT. It is endlessly funny to me to see those who shout the loudest and say nothing always blame "them" for their own shortfallings. Maybe try robbing a gas station and crossing into Canada to live underground to get your "truth" out.
  10. Or just maybe some of us grew up being told that Bill Cosby abused women...... Never forget Bill Cosby is kind of hated throughout the black community for being holier than thou; while openly cheating on his wife for decades.
  11. Grammy Award Winner Natalie Cole Is Dead At 65

    Too much drugs and alcohol killed her kidney, damaged her liver and gave her hep c. Not much of a shock.
  12. So it is news that religious organizations have infighting?
  13. Who keeps pushing an alien agenda? Space agencies that deal with possible alien life?
  14. CT Directory "fun facts"

    Please define "recent". What timeline are you using? It is widely accepted that the circumference of the earth was calculated in BC, no matter who is thought to have done it first. In BC times we also had the tilt of the earth calculated and distances to sun and moon, a leap day, and the first map of the known world using meridians and parallels. It is also widely accepted that in "educated" circles there was never a debate about the shape of the earth. Most "educated" people stopped thinking of a flat earth around 350BC. The average person in any time on earth has no care for the shape of the earth, they are too busy trying to survive and feed their families. The flip side of this is Creation, which, of course, nobody witnessed either. Theories get adjusted. This is the point of a theory, it is not set in stone. If we as people had not built upon these theories, we would not have achieved the things we have. But, of course, you have to believe we made advancements.
  15. There is an easy explanation here. It is very apparent to any from the outside that read through this thread that not all science is accepted by flat earth people. If you want to choose which parts of science to believe and which parts to dismiss as lies, don't try to argue science. Choosing to argue half science against full science is the same as insisting spherical trigonometry is required to be used to measure something that is not a sphere. Too much third grade science being used to prove any point to anyone that paid attention past grammar school.
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