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  1. ​Got ya!! I'll share them in the article section. Thank you!
  2. ​Did I not post this one correctly? Please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Lol jayke911 and yes I saw that and I hear you, but I do post on BeforeItsNews
  4. Our Biggest Nightmare Confirmed! The Truth Behind What the Elite Are Doing- A Warning of Epic Proportions! We are literally hanging on by a thread! While many here in America rest in their apathetic state, others are wide awake to the battle that is what is happening all around them. It’s not a battle with weaponry or military armor yet, but it is a real battle none the less. The truth is there is a war being waged by the elite against the populace and it is so subtle that many in America don’t even realize they are under attack and sadly, they won’t until it’s too late!! In the video below I dive through the “secret” war taking place behind the scenes and how things are about to get out of hand!!! Click Here to See Chilling Video:http://b4in.info/ilFU
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