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  1. I f**king hate Tony Abbott! I live in NZ, and him and John Key are alot alike. Both scumbags, both with "hidden" (not anymore) agendas. Trying to implement new Spy laws (succeeded in Aus), using so called "terror" raids to do so. We're following the U.S and U.K. I'm just waiting for an actual "death" as a result of a False Flag here in NZ.
  2. Urgent! - Jade Helm 15 Alert! New Info

    I've been learning about this topic. This is the kind of thing that if (when) it goes ahead, the military would be "doing training exercises", just like Oklahoma, Sandy Hook, Boston, and when 9/11 happened. False Flags. Could this be when the next "tragedy" happens? Has alot of the same hallmarks. Just saying.

    ​Hello to you Thanks Lilly. I've been made so welcome here, love it.

    ​Thanks five4ty. We're talking about the TPPA alot here in NZ. People are protesting, organising protests, and lobbying their parliamentary representatives. Not going down too well here. But, we have a Right-wing leader (John Key the ponytail puller) who wants to pass it without discussion. He has passed things before here, even when a referendum voted in opposition to what he wanted. He has his own agenda, and it is pissing alot of people off. Yet, he still gets voted in. Won three elections in a row, even when it looked like he would lose. Something is amiss here. Wouldn't surprise me if the voting was rigged. Cheers.

    ​Thanks, I will add that. I've learned about Thiomersal lately too. Yet people either don't know about it being in vaccines, or they don't care. They should, it's a form of Mercury FFS. Cheers Lucy.

    ​Thank you. I'm newish to this, but I've been aware ever since 9/11, it was like my wake up call. Cheers.

    What I'm about to post is copied and pasted directly from my Facebook group called 'GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS' (all welcome by the way). I posted it on there as well as a couple of other groups based out of my country (New Zealand) dedicated to opening people's eyes to what's going on. This is my first post here, so if I've broken some guidelines, please tell me. Remember, the places I posted this are where people haven't quite woken up to the idea of how the NWO operate. If I've missed some major points, please add them in the comments. Right, here we go - "World trends are worrying me. I'm sick of banging my head on a brick wall, as that is what it's like lately. What I'm about to say will polarise people, as it would seem to be "out there", but there's a reason for that, as we have all been conditioned by Governments and Media to think that what we see is the "norm". When you question things, people in the media and/or the government start calling you a "conspiracist" or "loony" because you question the status quo. Look at whats happened over the years (which are called False Flags) - - 9/11 happened. Patriot act is invoked, war declared on Iraq, sales of military weapons etc skyrockets, any shares linked to war efforts/weapon producers, prices skyrocket. Oil price goes up as a result (take note of who would have blind trusts buying/owning shares in those markets, evidence is out there). (http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-u-s-government-changes-since-…) - Sandy Hook happened. Gun sales go up in most States, same thing with shares prices attached to certain companies. Certain laws are passed hurriedly, making it so you have to provide I.D when purchasing weapons (a good thing?), put on a National database for life, Government has your info. Gun regulations were meant to be tightened (or were they?), because the National Rifle Association stopped it happening, as they have alot of power in the Government. (http://www.theindychannel.com/…/two-thirds-of-gun-laws-pass…) - Boston bombings happened. Cybersecurity Law is passed, so the Government can legally spy on companies, and tap into the internet, to view "traffic" related to terror threats (sound familiar NZ?). (http://rt.com/usa/congress-house-bill-cispa-031/) - Charlie Hebdo happened. As a result, France passes law to spy on it's citizens "in the name of public safety" (whatever). The new bill "allows intelligence agencies to tap phones and emails", sound familiar NZ? (http://www.infowars.com/france-passes-new-surveillance-law…/) - ISIS is happening (although this seems not to be a False Flag, more like using separatists trained by CIA(?) to get countries involved in fighting in Iraq again). Laws are being changed everywhere, countries are committing to the war, which if you know your history, it's all about the oil and about making money, because war is good business. My point is, this is all happening, and is gaining speed. It's all about scaremongering, and look at what's happened in Australia and Canada recently, it's along the same lines, and John Key is trying (and doing) the same here, making the masses (the sheeple) think they need the Government to protect them, from (the "boogie man") "terrorism", "lone nutters", "cults", when the only people we need protected from are the Right-wing (and some Left-wing) Governments implementing what is known as the "New World Order" (http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/New_World_Order). I'm worried for future generations, our kids, as they are the ones who will live in this if we let it happen, but it IS happening as we speak. Look at the people who don't see it, there's alot of them, as they are part of it, without even knowing it. I'm afraid that even people on this page don't get it, they laugh it off. It's time to Open Your Eyes folks, stop being a "follower", take note of how the Media reports things, especially over the recent history. Time to Wake Up."
  8. Urgent! - Jade Helm 15 Alert! New Info

    Heard on Alex Jones' Infowars that the government is acting like they're in "preparation mode", setting the scene for a takeover via Marshall Law. It's becoming very worrying.
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