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  1. Thanks to Ukshep for having us on COP! Hosted by Coolhandluke74 and TheGhostScientist. "Tonight is a VC special event as we will cover both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Ghost Scientist will be co hosting with me and has much to add how they are connected. This is not for the faint of heart and you just might be scared to go to bed after hearing these stories." 7PM Pacific/8PM Mountain/9PM Central/10PM Eastern You can listen live on our YouTube channel: And we will post the archive right after the show. You can also download the audio archive podcast from our iTunes page: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/biased-propaganda-radio/id1082540688 Hoping you will give us a listen!
  2. School should literally just be called programming at this point. You learn to shut the eff up or be humiliated by teachers, bullies, pissed off parents, principals, etc. I wouldn't subject myself to that kind of environment, and I'm probably tougher than some kids.
  3. Let's hope he stays there, but if history is any indication I suspect (well, predict actually) that will not be the case come election time.
  4. We will now get to see how crooked the system is, and how flawed politics are in America.The players: Bush literally stole the election in 2000, and they stacked the deck with his Skull and Bones pal John Kerry in the 2004 election. The Bush’s have been positioning themselves to be the royalty of America for generations. A brief spat with the Kennedy’s didn’t even slow them down. If you’re curious what kind of future they have in mind for the U.S., look no further than the Nazi sympathizer Prescott Bush. Then correlate that with the actions taken by the Bush’s that have been in office. The Clinton’s have been linked to CIA cocaine deliveries from South America to Arkansas. Of course, during his administration he took a tough stance on drugs. Oddly though, drug use among teen’s was up. The “War on Drugs” was low hanging fruit (everyone hate’s a drug addict) to attack civil liberties and militarize the police force, from which we are now seeing blowback as the public eye scrutinizes police violence. People also have a bad habit of dying around the Clinton’s. Do you’re own research, or just take a look at the laundry list of suspicious deaths surrounding the Clinton’s. Everyone else in the fall lineup are press fodder. An extra shell or two in the game to help the illusion of Democracy, as two families battle it out for control of a superpower. We are non-consequential, as we have always been. We are the marks in this con game. It will become more obvious as the election approaches. The people that have allowed themselves to be polarized by the media’s mesmerisation of political division from every wedge issue they’ve been able to summon are the real losers here. They will attack their fellow citizen with great fury as they also fight over the last few crumbs on the table. Not a thought towards the hidden hands that have looted the economy, destroyed American industry, made the U.S. a whore mercenary to send their children off to protect oil fields and raze the middle east at the behest of our “allies”. Those in the know, ineffectual by design of the media’s war on opposition to their “official narrative”, will witness the event, and hopefully be around in the future to make sure the story of the deception in American politics is correctly reported. Maybe the Internet will change the old adage “history is always written by the winners”. http://biasedpropaganda.com/election-prediction-it-will-be-jeb-or-hillary-whether-you-like-it-or-not/
  5. Hey, good to see you folks. Been a while, YourMom. How's it going?
  6. Study claims exposure to information that goes against the consensus of global warming activists "negatively influence pro-social desicion-making" "In much the same way that advertisers use psychology to make consumers want their produces, an entire industry has sprung up around ‘global warming’ to discredit naysayers, study why people are rejecting the theory, and develop new methods to get people to buy their product. Don’t be mistaken, global warming is a product. For instance, in a recently released study performed by Sander van der Linden, “The conspiracy-effect: Exposure to conspiracy theories (about global warming) decreases pro-social behavior and science acceptance”, he tells us that he found exposure to information that discounts global warming as a human effect on the environment tends to make people “significantly less likely to think that there is widespread scientific agreement on human-caused climate change, less likely to sign a petition to help reduce global warming and less likely to donate or volunteer for a charity in the next six months“. The key to this study is right there in the abstract: less likely to donate to a charity. Just like any industry, global warming needs money. Money for propaganda, money for studies, money for the politicians, money money money." More at link: http://biasedpropaganda.com/conspiracy-theorists-bad-news-for-global-warming/
  7. Did my thread just get deleted?

    ​You're a hypocrite and you don't have the communities best interest at heart. I hope you make lots of money, because you sure don't value integrity.
  8. Did my thread just get deleted?

    Bump for justice.
  9. Did my thread just get deleted?

    Lol, I understand it. Business is business. And we are Small timers. Corporate is as corporate does Shep. Thanks for letting us small timers know where you stand. Don';t ask for help when this fails. We make our investments. They didn't pay off .
  10. Did my thread just get deleted?

    Favoritism? Does that include people that backed you in that past? How do you qualify this as favoritism, as we worked with you to promote your site? This is crooked Shep. Shame on you.
  11. Did my thread just get deleted?

    Lol, is this your board or part of a corporation you yield to? We gave you a pin. You gave me a delete and a disclaimer. How do you show your face in the CT community?
  12. Did my thread just get deleted?

    Well, I thought I could at least get a fair return on what we invested in you. I see you pasting disclaimers, after we accepted you and your idea. Gloat over your terms. We were trying to reach out and be friends. You've set the tone for this exchange. We were friendly.
  13. Did my thread just get deleted?

    What exactly are you trying to achieve? I'm not in competition with your site. I feel insulted after we gave you featured presence on our board. Explain yourself.
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