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  1. The destruction of the family unit has been one of the more subtle moves by TPTB. Grandma in a nursing home, express lane divorce, etc, etc.
  2. If there was ever a time for 3rd parties to achieve at least 5% of the vote, the last election was it. Less than half the people vote, almost 90% of them complain
  3. I think it's interesting how CT is getting into the mainstream. Probably to discredit it through desensitization. For whatever reason; probably more and more conspiracies being proved factual, the war on truth is getting more complicated. Remember aliens? So many people believe in extraterrestrials, that they are considered pariah in the CT community. If the sheeple believe in ET, then it can't be true, or something along those lines. That's just one example. As a believer in control of the masses through mathematical psychology, I find it fascinating. The human mind and psyche, how it all fits and ties together. https://www.conspiracies.net/best-conspiracy-theories-2017-war-cash-war-aliens/ Below is a list of Five of the best conspiracy theories of 2017. By best what is meant is the most famous or prominent. The election of President Trump has made the international balance of power more tenable. It has also outlined the weaknesses within the U.S intelligence and political factions, with much infighting and little cohesion. Along with the Trump travel ban and Russian relations, the world is a much more unstable place and this sets the tone for more plausible conspiracy theories in 2017. (Cut) If 5 isn't enough, here's a top 10 list you can vote on: http://m.ranker.com/list/conspiracy-theories-2017/ranker-news List Rules: Vote up the looming conspiracy theories you think will make headlines in 2017. With a new year comes new conspiracy theories that either sound too ridiculous to be true or strangely logical enough to be real. Many of these 2017 conspiracy theories are either updated or continued from the conspiracy theories in 2016, particularly due to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Along with the ever-popular conspiracy theory of the Illuminati pulling all the strings, this list of possible conspiracies also includes potential plans for the Trump administration. This year's conspiracy theories involve secret government workings, acts of terrorism, hoax shootings, and signs leading to the world's end. Even a few celebrities like Kanye West and Jay-Z are mentioned on this list of the latest conspiracy theories. Whether you're a skeptic or a conspiracy theorist, some of these "conspiracies" will seem laughable, impossible, or downright scary. Here are the conspiracy theories that are most likely to make the news in 2017. Vote up the ones you think will also be a thing, but be careful - they're watching. Always. (Cut)
  4. I'm going to indulge myself just this one time. I hate to say I told you so, but..... Aw hell, who am I kidding? I love to say I told you so. I shouldn't, but occasionally it helps. "Because Obama" and "Hillary is Satan" are NOT reasons to vote for someone, period. Hatred is a handy emotion and can be beneficial if focused and channeled in the right direction. Blind hatred gets you Trump. "The lesser of two evils" argument gets you nowhere, it's still evil. Asking me to vote for a Republican or a Democrat is like asking me if I want meth or crack. No thanks. I've learned to trust my discernment over the years and it tells me that the last election was probably the last I'll participate in. Why bother when people can't see past Rep. and Dem.? I posted several articles that showed things such as Trump's Israeli connections, his meetings with Henry Kissinger, and others before the election. Eventually I gave up because Hillary was so bad, people were blinded and just WANTED to believe in something that didn’t exist. Blind faith in a human being is self destructive at best. It got to the point where I felt like the site had been overran by statists, probably an overreaction on my part, but no one's perfect. So I left for a time. Thing is, I still see statist posts on here, but hey, Statists Gotta State, right? Oh well, there's still a 1% chance Trump will see the light, the future is not set in stone. The future is fluid.
  5. This^^^. Now that you mention it, several people I know have commented on this as well as me noticing it. What do you think it is?
  6. Might be a simple matter of pride. Some people; rather than admit they'very been snookered, fleeced, flim-flammed, bamboozled, conned, and bought the snake oil; will never admit it. Or not.
  7. There's been no error and I never said that. Good luck with your cult. We are done.
  8. Who said all that? Go recruit elsewhere.
  9. No, but if it did, it would still be my business.
  10. Ease your mind about what I believe. What I can guarantee you is that the papacy has no influence over my spirituality. You don't either, just like I shouldn't have any over you. https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-library/book/e/51/t/the-abomination-of-desolation
  11. Believe what you want. There are people who say the same thing about jews and they take scripture out of context to do so. I will tell you that you're not going to change my mind on the matter. There cannot be an abomination of desolation without a 3rd temple and the destruction of Damascus. That's the last I intend to say on the matter. I intend to focus on the realities of the region, and you don't need a prophecy to know that rebuilding a temple is a powder keg.
  12. Some points to consider: The Temple Mount is hotly contested real estate. Building a temporary temple with a tent sounds like a plausible "compromise" to appease the factions. Some factions are more violent than others and a resurrected temple is a powder keg,, waiting for a spark. IF that happens, how long before it blows up?
  13. Maybe War and Chocolate have something to do with this. http://www.globalresearch.ca/foreign-policy-and-false-flags-trumps-war-and-chocolate-reality-show/5585599
  14. To be fair, Hobbits were a different species also. As were elves, dwarves, ents, orcs, trolls, and goblins.
  15. Anything for the children...