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  1. And therein lies the problem. It requires organization. People here, people there. Others joining if it catches on. I don't see how you avoid groups. Then, how do you deal with scabs? The picket line crossers and kiss ups? There are always those willing to be Judas. I get what you're saying and if you could even get half to do it . ...
  2. And a strike brings things to a head. Unions were busted that way. I'll have to ponder this for a while
  3. Or you bring things to a head faster. Your own timeline. Which is fine if you have a plan.
  4. You are correct. However , a lot of sit-ins were conducted in the 60s and 70s with a lot of arrests. Our government has gotten more bold since then. Tienemen Square was Chinese, but with a global agenda , things were learned there also. Sociological experiments have gone on for a long time now. It's all connected. In no shape, form, or fashion do I advocate for an armed uprising. I fall solely in the prepare for the worst and help pick up the pieces category. I don't want a Waco or Ruby Ridge to happen at my house.
  5. Tell that to the students at Kent State.
  6. Semper Paratus
  7. Oh, I agree. I have no intention on getting involved in anything like that.
  8. Well, a pox upon THEM then. I already voted as soon as early voting opened in Louisiana.
  9. I have no reason to doubt you , so don't take this personally because it's not meant to be . I hear a lot of people say that , but when it comes election time , they march like mindless worker drones and flip the switch for the same old crap. Frickin zombies. The elections don't even have to be rigged because of the brainwashing, they do that for kicks and giggles. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills . At least the scotch is kicking in. Rant over
  10. And another thing , while I'm on a rant. Still think Republicans, tea party or otherwise are on your side??? Bullsheet!
  11. Congress has their hands on their Weiner all right . ...you know, we can get mad at the president all we want, but Congress is the real culprit. Bought and paid for traitors need to be drug out in the streets at dawn , then shot. They have no fear, much less respect of the electorate . The whole system is corrupt and I also blame voters for voting party lines instead of for chaos. I can't control who California puts in D.C., I only have indirect control of 2 senators and 1 representative and lack of term limits is also pissing me off right now. I need a scotch and a minute to calm down right now, I'm about to explode over the stupidity.
  12. I wonder that also. But I'm also hearing Obama is being groomed to take over the U.N. That would mean he would need a puppet in the White House. I still think by hook or crook , Hillary will wind up there and Kaine will finish up her term and this country's sovereignty. Kaine , how biblical and apropos .