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  1. He is not going to be able to tell anyone what he is doing. I personally have not liked him lately but the wiki leaks flip has changed my mind. He knows what he is doing and he is setting up his enemies that are all around him. He is smarter than them, smarter than me. Its gonna make him look bad but on the other side it will all make sense. Just my opinion.
  2. Same. Since saturday. Connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect. Chemtrails are nonstop now. Sucking in as much nano as I can. Patiently waiting for my body to be connected to the towers so I can become part of the collected.
  3. So will they detonate during or after the drill? We could have a hardened grid but don't seem to have the funding for that. I am assuming that they would want a grid down situation, this could wipe out 90 percent of the population. Would it be ironic if the 10 percent of survivors were the veterans and preppers? https://www.stripes.com/news/what-do-you-get-for-766-million-in-afghanistan-dod-isn-t-sure-1.376465
  4. Wonder what Antarctica will look like on their new google earth? I'm guessing a giant paintbrush will come down out of space and cause a great blizzard of blurriness.
  5. The cat ate the dog....
  6. Must be hungry :/
  7. Urgent Message for Followers of the Nibiru Channel

    They have doubled down on their spraying where I live over the past few weeks. Last night was the first night I have seen the sun set this year. They even started spraying at night. I run on solar so I'm always looking up. The last two years have been bad. This year is ridiculous.
  8. War is easy when it's on the other side of the world. This time it might be different.
  9. He could undo obamacare if he wanted to and let it go back to the way it was before this mess. Then he could get on to the tax reform instead of getting tangled up in foreign affairs.
  10. Not Sure What To Believe On This War Issue

    Lets get these wars going and see what they can get gas prices up to. Anything for a distraction....
  11. Gold hasn't been wrong for thousands of years. The elite tell you not to buy it, at the same time they buy up tons. It won't be like the 30's if they ban precious metals. Not everyone is going to just hand it over for whatever currency the global government sets up because they are told to. Some won't be forced. Some won't be controlled. Some just plain don't care anymore about what they have planned..
  12. The manipulation will come easy once they have control. I listen to a few NZ radio shows and get frustrated with their way of thinking. Now I know why....
  13. They have used the tax payers money for years, dumping it into the underground. My uncle was a trucker and use to tell me stories about driving underground. And now another 6 trillion vanished. But in the end times the sins of the rulers will be revealed, which i think is starting to happen. I believe they all will end up under our feet when everything up here is in complete shambles. Rev 6:15-16. Plus the earth changes that are predicted. No one is going to escape the poor nor the elite.
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