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  1. The manipulation will come easy once they have control. I listen to a few NZ radio shows and get frustrated with their way of thinking. Now I know why....
  2. They have used the tax payers money for years, dumping it into the underground. My uncle was a trucker and use to tell me stories about driving underground. And now another 6 trillion vanished. But in the end times the sins of the rulers will be revealed, which i think is starting to happen. I believe they all will end up under our feet when everything up here is in complete shambles. Rev 6:15-16. Plus the earth changes that are predicted. No one is going to escape the poor nor the elite.
  3. So the three members of my family who have all been damaged from vaccines, one going back to the polio vaccine, they must all be making up their symptoms. I get it. No offering you some insight into early vaccines. After all your a medical student, what more is there? So when you tell me the majority of vaccinations are safe I will continue to not get vaccinated. Don't forget your flu shot..
  4. You should read the book Doctor Mary's Monkey. Here is a link that will give a description. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0977795306?*Version*=1&*entries*=0
  5. Though my guts are twisted with emotion, it is well with my soul.....
  6. Was just thinking the same thing. Thinking maybe the can might just get kicked off the cliff......
  7. Just checked out Solomon, wisest man on earth, how did having hundreds of wives work out for him? Sad story....
  8. Even the opt out meter is a bad meter. It is the same meter without the rf module attached. It creates dirty electricity which in turn runs through your whole house. My wife and I started having problems right away. Fought with the power company over it for weeks. Finally i got pissed and jerked their meter off my house and put on a brand new analog that they said was no longer available. Needless to say six months later the state police are at my house. Cost me thousands of dollars to get hooked back up and then to top it off the electric company didn't like my attitude, so two months after being back on grid and paying fines and what not I get a posse of state and county police showing up to arrest me on trumped up charges. I asked why the big entourage? They actually said, we know you have a lot of firearms and wasn't sure how this was going to go down. No bail, no nothing. Of course judge threw it out but still spent more money on lawyer fees. But that gave me the push to finally get totally off the grid. Expensive but the waveform coming into my house now is the best it can get and you cannot put a price on health..You can't escape the smart grid unless you get all your neighbors on board. Best bet is to stop it from even coming into your house. Keep wifi off. Use headphones if you have to use a cellphone. Make sure you are at least 3 miles from the giant elf towers. Educate people, even if they think you are nuts. I watched a 1 year old holding its mothers cellphone up to its ear and the mother thinking it was so cute. Start talking about radiation and they look at your perplexed. It is sad. There is comfort in knowing that someday those responsible will be standing before their creator....
  9. It is hard to make the switch from bloated microsoft to linux but once you do you will wonder why you waited so long.......
  10. Maybe things are really gonna go down this time. Definitely being set up for destruction on all fronts.... Numannafoodstorage.com
  11. Can't say we haven't had years of warning. Treat money as a temporary thing and it won't be so painful when it gets devalued. Keep enough in the bank just to pay bills so you won't have to stand in line when that Thursday comes. Put it in your hands and then take a good look at it and realize that it says "federal reserve note" on it and not "silver certificate". Think about it for a while and try to come up with other things that might be worth more in a post Black Thursday society. How about boots. How long do those boots (or shoes) that you have on your feet last you now? How long after you can't buy anymore? Mine last about a year at 15 hours a day. That is a quality pair. If they are made in china like most things I am lucky to get 4 to 6 months before the seems give way. Shoe goo can extend this but then insides start to give out. Invest in quality socks like "Darn Tough Socks", guaranteed for life and hold together and feel great. Average store sock gets cheaper and cheaper. Take those federal reserve notes and buy boots and socks. Now you have something tangible. Ever wear boots that were falling apart? How about without socks? Miserable.... Buy extra for yourself, then buy extra for someone else. Good boots and socks are not cheap but way more comforting than stacks of devalued paper. That is just one example of what I consider a good investment. If not for you then for your nieghbor or a stranger even. My feet no longer grow but the children across the road or down the road are still growing. How do the children make out in a Black Thursday scenario? In a throw away society I am thinking they will be suffering the most and it pisses me off to think about it.....
  12. If there is creepy background music I always get skeptical....
  13. Can't remember where I read that u.s. can create and mimic a meteor in the air or over water but don't have a means to do it over a hard surface yet. Which made me think of all the comments about u s. being responsible for meteor over Russia. Or the so called big one off Puerto Rico out in the ocean that hasn't happened yet. And yes the great deception is coming, and no matter how much proof you have you will never convince the sheep. Governments have kept the minds of man in the stone age. So that any technology above and beyond our latest smart phone becomes a conspiracy theory. In all honesty I'm just waiting for Jibo to be released before the shopping holiday, then all my problems will be over.... Russia’s controversial Liberal leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has blamed Americans for today’s meteorite scare, local media report. “Those were not meteorites, it was Americans testing their new weapons," Mr. Zhirinovsky confessed to journalists. Zhirinovsky further posited, according to the story, that new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had attempted to tell Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the "test" in advance. Lavrov has reportedly been dodging Kerry's phone calls for a few days now.