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  1. Seems kinda similar to another belief system that I recall .
  2. New Here

    Ukshep . Nice :-) I also speak it too. A few of my family hold conversations when we're in public and don't want everyone to know what we're sayin .
  3. New Here

    Thank you for the welcoming . There's no code in my spacing, just jinky tech. Ukshep - I agree. They are already profiling but I don't have anything to hide and I'm well trained both old school and new as far as erasing myself or disappearing off the radar. ... Radio- I believe I do know what you mean. Only gotta be responsible for yourself and don't have to worry about anybody else, there are weaknesses and strengths with and without others though.Skill will get one far but no matter how broad skill set one has there will be a time that another hand would help reach another goal of some kind or other. Cryptic Mole- no code up there but.. . Here's one though------> Nong I cong E _____ 2 ___Mong E E Tong____ Yong O U . :-) CGK- Thank you. It actually took me a couple minutes to figure out how to make an avatar here as I've never done this before but I have five venusflytrap plants and love to grow many plants. I've a novice in the apothecary arts but all my medicine works a potholders I give my medicines to my friends . It males me feel good to know I'm taking part in others health. Thanks for the YouTube vid. Rabid Wolf - I agree with you for the most part. Redlistvet Glad to be here.
  4. So they chose cinnamon as a replacement for baking soda . .. big woop. They'll learn how to make the volcano one day. I think it's a shame they didn't have any actual firecrackers . It would've been nice actual scary. Kids will do childish things because their kids. Let them learn, don't punish them for it. Even if they were successful , it wouldn't have done much but make a tundra mess. Now if the had a long tube and gun powder , a sales end and a projectile of some sort and notes discussing hatred of any one and intent to kill, then do something major and make headlines . ... but this stuff here? Seriously ? Bullshit in my opinion
  5. New Here

    I'm curious about the members . I been following for a while now and so I decided to join recently after the posting of the black night satalite and details with the mentioning of the shadow government on Facebook . So I'm sure by now the predator program already has this site on watch but anyways. So what's up? Any members of militias ? Plans for E.M.P.'s ? Meeting places for when shit hits the fan and it becomes time to band together ? Anyone have the coordinates for underground missile bunkers that have been abandoned ? I am a member of a militia . I have plans for E.M.P. but not definite. I do have a prep bag in my car and one at home, by the way I drive and 89 Cadillac .... for now...damn car.... I'm not much of a doomsday preper but I am one prepared for when shit hits the fan.... There's a little about me, now you?
  6. Maybe . But I was just thinking everything is insane really. We go around the sun over and over and hope tomorrow will be different . Your both right and wrong in my opinion .
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