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  1. congress approves medical marijuana

    I thought everybody knew about this already? That's an old article.
  2. I'm not the one going around posting dates.
  3. Well, so much for Shep's failed Christmas terrorist attack. What will it be next time?
  4. False Flag Event Before Christmas?

    David Hodges, really? That guy is so inaccurate and throws wild claims around. He's completely discredited.
  5. You can say whatever you want I guess if you want to mislead people. Not everybody lost money in the stock market. Infact, there are those that made a fortune in 2008. Not everything is doom and gloom you know.
  6. It's got nothing to do with being word police. You can't say something imminent is about to happen and then proceed to say your unsure about it happening. That's a double negative, it doesn't even make sense. Yes, something is about to happen. Atleast that's what we've been hearing about the stock market essentially since 2008 and yet here we are.
  7. So an attack is imminent, yet your unsure it's going to happen? Which is it? Full Definition of the word "imminent" from Websters, :ready to take place; especially :hanging threateningly over one's head <was in imminent danger of being run over> So it can't be imminent if you don't known if it's going to happen or not.
  8. I have read the bible and quran many times. Its clear to me none of you haven't got the faintest idea what you're on about. https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320xq90/r/911/5R87Vy.jpg
  9. Trump the rascist

    Not every Muslim person hates the U.S. Some fight against radicals and fight along are brothers and sisters in the military without any bad intentions. Trump says he wants to fight against terrorism but what about terrorist groups such as the KKK and other Supremacist groups fueled by hate. This is the same man who called an entire race rapists and criminals. And people applaud this and condone it because they like the way he speaks his mind. I mean seriously??? Do we really want a president that basically promotes racism?
  10. The problem is that you figure out the meaning of a big, sloppy text like the Bible. And many meanings can be found. Many instructions lie in the verse. Translations have been altered, accounts so inaccurate are taken as fact, and it all rests on a big, plagiarized fairy tale. It doesn't matter what YOU think its the correct meaning, it matters how easily the meaning can be warped to condone senseless acts, and the Bible had been used very successfully in this way.
  11. Actually there's a shit ton of it to match his actions, and I won't argue that he's not insane. I just appreciate the irony of immediately jumping on the terrorist bandwagon when a Muslim does this, yet when one professes radical views about christianity, everything else is the reason, not christianity. I can point out dozens of examples of the Canaanite war god Yahweh telling his followers to perform extremely violent acts on women and children. Any book about the god of Abraham can easily be turned into a book about violence, because it's full of that shit. The difference is that mainstream christianity got that all out of their system a few hundred years ago, after completely wiping out nations of people and populating them with their own beliefs. So it's very easy for a religion which violently took over the western world to sit on its laurels and claim Islam is evil for attempting the same thing. Islam was just late to the party
  12. Not sure where you get that story. The guy who had repeatedly vandalized planned parenthood before the attack. The guy who firmly held radical, misogynist views on the Bible, who would tell people to repent or burn forever, and who used falsified GOP rhetoric about baby parts as he carried out his attacks.
  13. Interesting, the Muslim card gets pulled immediately when this recent California shooting happen s(which is correct, IMO) but nobody gives a shit about the radicalized Christian that shot up planned parenthood? I say we don't let any Christian refugees in to our country now either!
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