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  1. The only issue with the NHS is the massive underfunding to create the issues necessary to sell it to their corporate friend
  2. foxtrot2000 the NHS is a great organisation what do yo mean business as usual?
  3. i was working there when it all went. if they delete all of the files will this be he precursor to privatisation? makes yo wonder
  4. mature male reindeer actually lose their antlers in winter. So Santa’s sleigh is either pulled by a bunch of young males that he keeps replacing as they get older or it is the ladies (with their intact winter antlers) that are doing all the work.
  5. hypocrite, the statement is obviously racist
  6. David cameron quits

    3 months before he can sign on dont think it will bother him though
  7. its hard enough with consent(pardon the pun) i wish mine was that good
  8. Has the ubiquitous crisis actress turned up or did she fail the audition on this one?
  9. I do agree with your points I just think that the whole situation is being created/manipulated by TPTB to create civil unrest for a totally unrelated agenda
  10. seems slightly hypocritical when the influx of economic polish immigrants into the UK is unbelievable. Sorry we don't talk about that(that's racist) it's all Islam's fault
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