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  1. Wow Trump, your Tweets are crazy today....

    Hahahahaha!!! You sir win the internet today!
  2. Yeah but that's a small price to pay to get your average joe to start attending games and buying team memorabilia. Which is the bulk of their income. Too late they've bitten the hand that feeds them. Hopefully the owners try to double down and they continue to piss off the average NFL American even more so more folks become more aware/awake. No but they are filled with incredible amounts of hubris. I know lots of wealthy people and it seems the billionaire variety have no shortage of it! Which could explain some seemingly self destructive behavior. Because the owners are just doing their part in the NWOs dumbing down of the masses.
  3. Lol! That's nothing compared to the millions of millennials who are in for a shock when they get told social security won't be around for them. The tears alone will reverse any drought California might have in the future!
  4. And the dude hops out with hands in his pocket with zero f**ks given! Lol!
  5. Okay I've heard of that before. What would happen if the prop hits the tarmac? I was just impressed with the way the guy landed without any drama in a nice and controlled manner.
  6. This guy must be related to Sully. One of the best emergency landings I've seen and the guy nonchalantly just hops out of the cockpit and calmly walks away with his hands in his pockets. And the best part is the guy turns off the props just before impact and they never make contact with the tarmac. The man has some serious skills! Check it out. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=831_1511350064
  7. Trump: I should have left them in jail!

    Yeah I second that! These punks should feel how comfortable a communist prison deals with shoplifters.
  8. Yup! This effects everyone.
  9. You get a like for your user name! Lol!
  10. I'm loving watching this prick burn!!!
  11. it's cancer......

    For what it's worth I believe one of our very own COPers from South Africa either @Sky Cat or @Malevolent started a post about how they survived cancer and if I recall it was brain and terminal? Anyways I'm not very good at finding old posts but maybe @Cinnamon or someone else can help you find that info. At any case there's always a chance Keith could beat this. Good luck....
  12. Team America Predicted the Future!

    Smartest thing that guy has ever said...
  13. Here's some justice

    Thanks for the vid! It made my day to see a POS have a slow and agonizing death. While at the same time save the taxpayers money by not surviving and having to foot his room,board and medical bill.
  14. Great, Just Fuking Great... Still No Doom

    You forgot “while wearing their pussy hats! “Lol!
  15. So what would you suggest as an investment for when the dollar collapses?