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  1. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    Truth! In fact that's how I go about in my daily life. Good to hear others do the same.
  2. Feels good doesn't it!
  3. One of the best things he's done!
  4. Your not the only one! I'm in SE Florida I definitely need to get to higher ground. The one thing that these prophesies have in common are the fact that they say we'll be able to see what's coming before anything happens. Let's hope that's true!
  5. Hmmm... they really think we're stupid to think that by using "Asians "that they can convince us that other people besides Muslims commit honor killings.
  6. Sooo.... things happen in 3s right? Maybe a Graham, Pelosi, Clinton, or Bush is next?
  7. Is it bad that I chuckled a little after reading the title?
  8. That's very true! My wife is a night shift nurse and she says things get hectic around full moons.
  9. Hmmm... Another case of Arkancide.
  10. Ah! So you know all about the Northeasts communist ways. Lol!
  11. Shame on all of you! Muslims are the cleanest folks around! Just look at this video as proof!
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