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  1. Hello Quick1966, welcome to the forum!


    1. Quick1966


      Hi and thanks I don't know if you've read but I've been on the fence for a long while and remember you and shep and others from doomjunkie days. Feels good to finally talk to you guys

    2. Cinnamon


      Yep, I saw that, glad to talk to you, too. Can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day already. You having turkey with family/friends?  I'm making food this year, hope no one dies. lmao 

    3. Quick1966


      Yeah no I'm currently living in nor cal in a little town called Tracy. Moved here 2 months ago with my wife and 4 year old son from Palm beach gardens Florida. Moved cause my wife got a great at the time job opportunity( she's a nurse) and its not what it was promised so I've got no family here so no plans for tomorrow but on the upside we're moving back for Christmas so that'll be cool. Although I'm really gonna miss the weather but I don't have any tools here( I ran my own body shop back home) so I can't make any money here other wise I'd give it a better shot. Yeah I hope it's a quite holiday and nobody gets hurt?