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  1. As sad as this is. I'm often reminded of a few "sayings" that were repeated to me growing up. 1) A fool and his money will soon be departed. 2)If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. 3) If you can't hold it you don't own it. There's many more but these are the most appropriate for this article.
  2. Hey stop it you! With your common sense. No one wants to hear about those things that happen right now and in history books. I mean Mao and Stalin didn't kill that many people. Right?
  3. Hahaha!!! Or the Budweiser plant! But those people don't want to hear about the actual number of people that die every day by driving drunk...
  4. Yeah he just committed political suicide. That type of talk doesn't work down here...
  5. I don't know about that. They did after all jail the bankers in their country after what happened in 08'. But I'm curious as to why it should not pass?
  6. Yeah from what I'm told it was. And it makes sense if you wanted maximum killing to do during a fire alarm because they release the classrooms into the hallways. So all you have to do is spray and pray and your guaranteed death
  7. Hey man I haven't been on here in a while but there were definitely dead bodies. My cousin is a cop and was one of the first on the scene and he told me it was a real $hitshow! Granted you don't know me and I could be full of $hit for all you know but I've been on here for a long while and just wanted to throw that info out there. I'll put more info out there as I get it.
  8. I know you made a thread on ripple but do we now know who was backing it? Was it a country or bank or both?
  9. Bank or government. Makes no difference seeing how almost all governments are basically owned by banks. But if either one is announced then you know it’s game on...
  10. Well if their “surprise backer” is a Rothschild bank then I would agree that this crypto will succeed and Bitcoin will fail....
  11. it's cancer......

    For what it's worth I believe one of our very own COPers from South Africa either @Sky Cat or @Malevolent started a post about how they survived cancer and if I recall it was brain and terminal? Anyways I'm not very good at finding old posts but maybe @Cinnamon or someone else can help you find that info. At any case there's always a chance Keith could beat this. Good luck....
  12. Now that's an interesting thought
  13. I guess. I mean gravity could explain it. I mean if the earth is truly round and space is well space. I guess a vacuum? But who knows really? Anyhow a gravity field around said globe could keep everything on it no? It keeps the clouds and birds and stuff from completely leaving the sky and me and you from floating away from the ground. I know that maybe I'm looking at this in an overly simplistic view and it might make seem stupid to most but this invisible force that can't be explained is called gravity. And like you said there has to be some kind of container. Because if not the water would what? Fall off the sides. Now I don't know if the earth spins at a 1000mph or even spins at all. I assume it spins but who the hell knows. My thing is if the earth is flat than the water needs to be contained somehow otherwise water goes bye bye.
  14. Yeah out in space it can get a little hairy. Like that sun can keep all those planets in perfect orbit for all that distance? I don't know.