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  1. Well they already took down the 3 buildings! What's a subway or two.....or three.....
  2. A .22 behind the ear. Cheap and effective.
  3. This book should be mandatory reading in schools!
  4. Wow! I can't wait until trannys can compete in the WNBA or LPGA!
  5. Oh I have a feeling he's paying for it now....
  6. We were never going to pay that back.
  7. Yeah I'm down here too! But I'm close to the dump maybe I could dig a bunker there? Mount trashmore! Lol!
  8. Quick1966

    Should we have a Saturday nite fun party thread

    How about the first all girls rock band! The Runaways 76'!
  9. Hmmm... Tide pods, bug spray. I'm just waiting until the kids find out about the pink cotton candy in the attic.
  10. From what I hear it's the same way in Canada.
  11. They could be doing this publicly as to distance Jrs. Family after the envelop debacle. Or maybe not.
  12. " We are not born equal so we must be made equal by the fire." Sounds like a libs dream come true.
  13. Now that's an interesting thought