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  1. Quick1966

    Super Drags | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

    Hmmm... I wonder who thought this up? Hey wasn't Obama recently in talks with Netflix? Maybe his way of trying to make trannys mainstream so Michael can come out? I can't help but think that this was no coincidence that it's an animated cartoon about trannys. I wonder who they're trying to target and make this more mainstream....
  2. Who are these " old gods" you speak of? Annunaki? Greek?
  3. Because if you drive a car on the road you most likely buy gas or diesel in which case the tax is put into the price of fuel. You don’t have a choice. Unless you make your own biodiesel.
  4. Quick1966

    There will be two groups of empowered

    Is there a reason you posted this twice an hour from the first post?
  5. I have another theory. Seeing how Trump is the deal man. What's to say he didn't make a deal with the Norks? It's estimated that the Norks are sitting on trillions in minerals that they can't access because they're too poor. Who's to say Trump told Kimmy to denuke and we'll help you access those minerals? Now if goes like that the Norks have to have access to funds to get started right? And just like that the Norks get their first Rothschild bank. Not a single missle fired. And all of our Corporations are there in no time exploiting virgin soil. Like I said its my 2 cents....
  6. Quick1966


    Hmmm... Another loudmouth liberal! Reminds me of when Bourdain told TMZ that if he were asked to cook for Trump and lil Kim he'd serve them hemlock. I think it won't be long before De Niro winds up "suicide" via robe belt. Spade, Bourdain, and possibly De Niro. They do say these things happen in 3s....
  7. Quick1966

    He bit off more than he could chew.

    Some people are born with cleft lip. This guy just earned one! Lol!
  8. .22 behind the ear. Cheap and effective.
  9. Quick1966

    Parkland shooters video before the shooting.

    Seems very scripted.
  10. Quick1966

    Parkland shooters video before the shooting.

    Good catch! After watching this again the last portion of the video you can clearly see the cast and hear Cruz say today is the day. And yet no mention of him being in a cast from the MSM?
  11. Quick1966

    Parkland shooters video before the shooting.

    Hmmm... I just clicked the link and I works for me. Anyone else not getting sound?
  12. So from what I gather this is just before the shooting occurred. He talks nonchalantly about what he's about to do and mentions a girls name. I think it could be MK Ultra? But I'm not sure if it's that or just mentally disturbed with psych meds. You guys watch and give a listen. I'm interested in your opinions. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=a9Xm2_1527726253
  13. Quick1966

    What In The Hell Is Going On With The Childern

    Yeah I played plenty of violent video games as a kid and I've never felt the need to kill innocent people in real life. My money is this kid is on some psychological meds. In fact I'm almost certain most of these shootings are a result of psych meds.
  14. Yeah I 100% agree with both these things! Especially #2!

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