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  1. I know you made a thread on ripple but do we now know who was backing it? Was it a country or bank or both?
  2. Bank or government. Makes no difference seeing how almost all governments are basically owned by banks. But if either one is announced then you know it’s game on...
  3. Well if their “surprise backer” is a Rothschild bank then I would agree that this crypto will succeed and Bitcoin will fail....
  4. Well this is good. Now all they need to do is place cameras all over said island and let the savages kill each other off. We should do this in the US but all we'd have to do is wall off the south side of $hitcongo and other sanctuary cities and let the games begin!
  5. You should it was the most honest interview I think Jones has ever done. While I don’t agree with everything that Joe says. One thing he is really good at is interviewing people.
  6. The Economic costs of Socialism

    You know @Guitar Doc while you bring some valid points you ultimately fail to call socialism what it is when it fails. Communism. While looking from my side of the pond (USA) NZ and OZ look somewhat appealing with their social structures. But your not addressing what happens when socialism goes to its next step. Venezuela. Yes you mentioned the USSR and China but you didn’t call them communist countries. I know there might be some on COP who might think that both are socialist but they’re not. See my family fled Communist Cuba in the 60s so I know about how socialism ends in communism. You are right though. The US is more socialist today than in the 50s....
  7. You know all this China owning the US business is just that. Business! Whoever buys any land has to pay taxes for it period! The only time you won’t is if you get an allodial title. Which is no longer available to anyone in the US. This reminds me of the Japanese buying massive amounts of real estate back in the 80s. People said that the Japs were going to own the US back then same as today....
  8. I was wondering when this would start to gain traction and takeoff. The problem is now that there are sooo many different bubbles! Which will be the first to bankrupt the newest batch of “ investors “? Sad.
  9. I didn’t know we had a Harry Reid emoji! Lol!
  10. Flirt with death enough times and eventually it’ll follow you home... On a lighter note he knew what he was doing was wong! Lol! I couldn’t help myself.
  11. D.I.Y.Car Maintenance Myths!

    I mean why mess with perfection! Lol!
  12. D.I.Y.Car Maintenance Myths!

    Very true!
  13. If it snows in Miami again then it's really a miracle! It's only snowed once in 1977 and people thought the world was ending!
  14. You might as well chop a goats head and put it on top of the tree!
  15. Al Franken is quitting