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  1. Hmmm... That's an interesting take on depopulation through disinformation of vaccines. But what is causing autism? To me it's gotta be the vaccines or some of them at least. Your 51 so how many kids did you know growing up that had autism back then or were slow? Because all the guys your age and much older that I know said that it was kinda rare. Hell I'm 34 and in the 80s I didn't know any kids that had it. To be honest I didn't start hearing about autism until my sisters were born in the early 90s. And the main difference is if you look at the amounts of vaccinations that were mandated in the 90s are significantly more than from earlier generations. To me it seems like the most likely source. But who knows.
  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Very good stuff! Thanks man!
  3. You know why they call her that right? It's because she claims she 1/32 Cherokee!
  4. Hmmm... Seems like synthetic weed and bath salts is going worldwide.
  5. Ahh China! Yeah with all the black market organ harvesting going on in that country I'm sure they could find a fresh victim..uh I mean donor in no time.
  6. If not they'll just hijack the plane when enough of said companies engineers are on the flight and bring them to a secret military base and claim the flight went down. At which point the black box will be turned off and the planes engine monitoring systems will just stop working. Can't have the public knowing what the government is really up to can we.
  7. Yeah I hear they're finishing up the last batch which is so real that even the most demanding connoisseur will be hard pressed to tell it apart from the real thing! Lol!
  8. Hahahahahaha!!!
  9. Well I use Bounty anyways so f**k them and their agenda driven BS.
  10. I never thought that this was actually a "thing" to want to impersonate a dictator. Most impersonators go for loved famous types i.e. Elvis. This makes about as much sense as wanting to impersonate Bin Laden, Gaddafi, or Saddam when they were alive.
  11. Sounds like Europe. That f**king sucks man! The BS the government put you and your family through. Hopefully justice prevails. Good vibes to you and yours.
  12. Thanks man it looks like it'll be great!
  13. Lol! Funny thing is when their ivory towers are subjected to those they wish to force upon us they don't seem to like it. Just ask George Clooney. F**king elitist a$$holes! BTW good to see you posting again. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3781260/Pictured-migrant-camp-set-blight-Lake-Como-YEARS-pre-fab-site-300-people-built-heart-Italian-tourist-spot-loved-George-Clooney.html