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  1. Wow these libtards are a classy bunch! I mean you could use red paint but where's the fun in that.
  2. Well it seems the libtards are doing us all a favor by sterilizing themselves! Then we won't have as many to deal with in the future! The future is looking brighter by the day! Lol!
  3. My guess is he's giving them really good tax relief. But if you think about it it's better for GM/Ford/Chrysler to reinvest in us jobs and the companies pay for benefits than taxpayers
  4. It'd be great if Trump gives AJ CNNs place in the press room! They'd have an epic meltdown!
  5. Good one! This is my all time favorite from Cash. And just as relevant as it warns the Soros and the Clintons of the world about what to expect when we all meet our maker. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DQTCS6aWRSc
  6. Not for nothing anyone who can really use a computer already knows where any of us is located. If your on the web or have a phone anyone can find anyone. But thanks for the concern!😁
  7. Hey man you post a lot of good stuff! You need an account already man! Your one of us for sure😉
  8. Omg! My Grandparents live 2 streets down from that plaza! Lol!
  9. Truth be told when you have a poorly functioning gallbladder like me taking some ox bile and milk thistle work wonders on getting the digestive tract back in action. It's been said that a healthy digestive system is the key to staying healthy and fighting infection.
  10. This is one reason I love Trump! Because if a libtard snowflake says something complaining about him he shuts them down. This is what he tweeted back at this guy! http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/314325-trump-rips-john-lewis-worry-about-your-crime-infested-district
  11. But yeah these sick f**ks are purposely throwing it out there. That shirt on that innocent little girl? Yeah he'll pay for all eternity and hopefully soon!
  12. Well I guess Trump is gonna have to take a push broom and clean house ASAP!